The first day of The Shanghai Majors has come to an end and as expected, it’s a shocker.

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The first day of the second majors organized by Valve has come to an end. Right off the bat, the teams gave everyone a good show. Of course, the majors will not be as exciting as it is without majors upsets. Talking about upsets, the boys from Korea won over the champions of MDL, Ehome. MVP.Phoenix surpassed Ehome with a 2-0 win sending the China powerhouse down to the loser’s bracket.

MVP.Phoenix Vs. Ehome – Game 1

Screenshot_1MVP used the OD, Mirana combo (Astral Imprisonment + Sacred Arrow)

MVP.Phoenix Vs. Ehome – Game 2

Screenshot_2Despite CTY’s Morphling, QO’s Slark led MVP to a 2-0 sweep

MVP.Phoenix proved that their win against Ehome was not a fluke. They faced Secret in the upper bracket and won with another 2-0 sweep.

MVP.Phoenix Vs. Team Secret – Game 1

Screenshot_6The Korean squad ended Game 1 with a score of 21-4 below 19 minutes.

MVP.Phoenix Vs. Team Secret – Game 2

Screenshot_7QO’s Phantom Lancer and Forev’s Nature’s Prophet led the way for MVP. The game ended at the 24th minute mark.

Here’s the summary of what happened during the first day of The Shanghai Majors.

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