The heat of summer gets stronger and stronger together with the 2nd qualifying leg of TNC Esports Cup 2016: Nexus King!

One of the newest teams has announced their presence by winning the 2nd qualifying leg of TNC Esports Cup 2016: Nexus King. Steelwolves Grimm defeated the more experienced Naga e-Sports in a Best-of-1 finals showdown.


Naga was able to get an early advantage with an Ace. This led the way for them to take down 2 inhibitors (Mid and Bottom) at the 35th minute mark.


But despite this, the wolves didn’t back down. With 1 clutch clash, a counter Ace resulted in a victory for them.


It was a back and forth game and either of the team deserved to win. But in the end, there should only be one left standing. And this time, the wolves showed everybody the power of the pack. After this action, who will be the next team that will qualify in the 3rd leg? Let’s all find out next week!


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