Here are some things that you need know if you we’re not able to watch the Day 2 of The Manila Major Group Stage.

SEA Dota is Alive - MVP Phoenix and Fnatic Having a Good Run!

After losing to LGD Gaming during their first match in the group stages, the pride of Korea showed why they are still a force to be reckoned with. MVP was able to close out a nail biter against Mineski. The legendary heroes of Mineski whom they used during the Frankfurt Majors, Huskar and Dazzle were out in the prowl again. They tried to catch MVP off guard with this pick but MVP came out as the superior team in the end.

Screenshot_10Game 3 of MVP Phoenix Vs. Mineski – Both teams have megacreeps and the game ended around 71st minute mark

Meanwhile, on the other group, Fnatic claimed the 2nd spot and will be advancing to the main event in the upper bracket. Despite losing to Team Liquid, Fnatic was able to bounce back by beating Alliance which ended on a one-sided victory during Game 3. Fnatic finished the game with a convincing 27-1 kill score against the former TI3 kings.

Screenshot_12Midone led the way with 11 kills followed by Mushi’s 6-0 score.

Former TI5 Champs Dropped to the Lower Bracket

The former TI5 champions, Evil Geniuses dropped in the lower bracket for the main event after losing to LGD Gaming in the upper bracket and MVP Phoenix in the lower bracket. It seems that EG haven’t found their groove yet after the departure of their 2 players, Arteezy and Universe. 



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