The next Major is upon us as Valve released a new rule in regards with the Roster Lock Process.


The roster locks are divided into two phases. The first phase allows the team’s admin to drop a player, or allow a player to leave the team. This phase will be open until September 4 2016. After the deadline, any player that remain on that team’s roster are bound to that team. With this year’s changes players and teams that wish to drop a player must actively change their roster status before the deadline.

Second phase of the roster changes is what Valve call the Invitation Period. This phase allows teams to issue Primary Member invites to players that they wish to add to their rosters. This phase is open from September 4 – 18 2016. The teams can only send invites to any player that is not bound to any team yet. Get this, teams will no longer need to issue Substitute Player invites during the second phase. Teams that qualify for the Major event will be able to issue a Substitute Player invite to any player not participating on that Major once it is done.


credits : Wykrhm Reddy’s twitter page

Will this year’s mechanics play out for the teams or cause mayhem? Let us know what you think by writing a comment so that we can get a discussion going.

The Dota 2 website also included an FAQ for the roster change mechanics. Roster Lock FAQ

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