From September 29 to October 2, no team remain undefeated, but Splyce and G2 still waiting for their first victory.


Version: 6.18

Champions: Aurelion Sol* disabled for days 1-3; Yorick disabled for the whole tournament

Group Stage: Double Round Robin Bo1 Series, Top two teams proceed to Knockout Stage

Knockout Stage: Top two teams per group start the bracket against each other in Bo5 series

*Aurelion Sol was disabled for a couple of days after a bug was discovered on Day 1 during the match between TSM and RNG. Thanks Bjergsen!


There are still no clear winners in the group stages although it might be hard for some teams to bounce back from their current standings. It wouldn’t even be enough for G2 and Splyce to just win all of their matches to reach the Knockout Stage, it has to be done with another team in their respective groups not winning a single game. So if ROX, NoX and CLG all get at least just one win, G2 will be out of the tournament. Similarly, Splyce will be gone if TSM, Samsung and RNG all get one win each.

ROX, SKT, EDG and TSM lost one match each, even though almost all predictions pointed to them dominating their respective groups. It is pretty much a three-way match up still for Groups A and D.

Flash Wolves managed to snatch a win from SKT, an upset that no one expected. So did INTZ by taking down EDG in one match. It’s surprising to see the teams with the lowest scores in their respective groups getting their one and only win so far against their own groups’ leaders.

NoX have also been performing quite well, winning games that no one thought they’d win. The only game they lost during the first week was against ROX themselves, so that’s really saying something.

With all the underdogs taking everyone by surprise, it would be interesting to see in the next couple of days if their wins were just due to freakishly good luck, or if they really have the skills to back them up all the way to the Knockout Stage.

As for individual player performance, so far Faker, Svenskeren and Ziv have been named twice each as Player of the Game, leading everyone else in the tournament so far.

Worlds will resume this Friday, October 6, for with the first match starting around 7AM local time. You could watch the matches live at

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