EDG’s Mouse will not participate in the Knockout Stage because of an emergency that forced him to immediately go home.

Chen “Mouse” Yuhao, EDG’s top laner, had to return to China because of a loss of a family member.  On an official statement from the organization on Weibo reads:

“Important announcement: Hello everyone, we are very sorry to inform you of our regrets. Because of major accidents in the home, EDward Gaming’s League of Legends division top laner Mouse has had to leave Worlds and immediately return to his hometown. We are very sorry about this, and the club staff will do all we can along with Mouse to limit the difficulties. In the remaining World Championship matches, EDG will carry Mouse’s dream and everyone’s expectations with us to go all out. I hope you can cheer for us, thank you! [sic]”

Mouse will be replaced by Tong “Koro1” Yang for the rest of the Worlds Championship.  Koro1 was part of EDG’s official roster throughout the summer season and is thus eligible to act as a replacement for EDG. Koro1 will be substituting for Mouse instead of Heo “Pawn” Wonseok, EDG’s registered substitute for Worlds, as Pawn mains as a mid-laner and not as top-laner.

Mouse will face off against ROX Tigers in the quarterfinals of the 2016 Worlds Championships on Saturday. The Worlds Championship Quarterfinals will run from October 13-16, leading to the Semifinals on October 21-22 and culminating to the Finals on October 29.

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