At the conclusion of the epic group stages in Moscow, Na’Vi and Virtus.Pro gets themselves in a favorable position after clinching the first seed in their respective groups.

Ninjas in Pyjamas and Hellraisers have been dropped during the group stages, leaving only six teams on the run for the $500,000 prize pool. Team Dignitas managed to outperform NiP, in general,although the two teams scored a tie on their head-to-head match against each other. NiP scored 16-12 on Cobblestones while Dig secured Nuke with a 16-12 as well. Dig got the third spot on Group A only because they scored higher against the other teams in their groups than NiP did. It was a close fight for them, and for the whole of Group A as a whole. No team was able to get two wins in any of their Bo2 matches, leaving the seeding entirely up to their match scores. The margins were narrow,with Natus Vincere leading on with only a +7 margin, G2 Esports with +2, and Dig with +1.




Group B wasn’t exactly as decisive either, with most of the match ups also leading to a draw. and SK Gaming both managed to score a match up win, but VP seeded higher for not losing a single match up (SK’s only loss was against VP, and their only win was against the lowest seed, HR).Fnatic managed to squeeze itself in and survive for not giving up a single match up, but they have yet to shine in the whole tournament.

The single-elimination Bo3 Playoffs start today. You can watch the stream here. VP and Na’Vi gain a free pass into the semifinals for being the top seeds, so G2, SK, Fnatic and Dig would have to win two match ups each to even reach the finals.

The rankings so far shows just how important each and every round is in CS:GO, with Group A’s seeding being decided entirely by their round wins count, rather than their match wins. Truly, a game of skill and focus, only the most capable team would be able to take home the $250,000 prize.

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