Team Dignitas came from behind and surprised everyone at the VTB Ice Palace this weekend.

Coming from an underwhelming group stage in Group A, Team Dignitas picked up speed during the playoffs and emerged victorious after displaying a dominating performance against in the Epicenter Moscow CS:GO Finals. This came despite of VP’s strong performance in Group B which earned them the first seed during the Group Stage. The first seeds of the Group Stages got a free one game pass, going straight to the semifinals for the playoffs while everyone else had to fight through the quarterfinals.

Being the third seed in Group A, Dig had a rough journey ahead of them. Firstly, they had to go against the second seed of Group B, Fnatic. Fnatic took Game 1, scoring 16-9 on Train. Dig however made a very strong comeback on Game 2 with a 16-4 on Cobblestone. Fnatic tried hard to turn things around, but Dig just scraped through Mirage and won Game 3 with 16-13.

On to the semifinals, Dig went against Group A’s top seed, Natus Vincere. Dig’s mastery on Cobblestone was starting to show when they beat Na’Vi on Game 1 with a score of 16-9. Na’Vi was able to take Game 2 with a bit of difficulty, only managing to score 16-13 on Overpass. However, Nuke proved to be the bane of Na’Vi’s run, as they fall valiantly against Dig. They did fight hard and scored 16-12 against Dig, making sure that the Danish team won’t just get off so easily.

After sending the Ukrainian squad home, Dig headed to the Finals to face off against VP, who just beat SK Gaming in the semifinals. The bears mauled Dig on Nuke for Game 1, scoring 16-11. But then Dig unleashed everything on the next two maps, consecutively scoring 16-5 on Cobblestone and Mirage. Dig’s dominating display showed their familiarity and expertise on these two maps, as they won all their games on Mirage throughout the tournament, and losing only once (against Ninjas in Pyjamas) on Cobblestone.

This win may have cemented Dig as one of the top European CS:GO teams right now, as they are heading to Shanghai for the World Electronics Sports Games 2016, after winning the European Qualifiers.

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