Korea’s 2 and 3 battle to see who’s 1st.

The world’s biggest League of Legends event of the year is coming to a close. Last week’s semifinals held people in their seats on the match up between the top 2 Korean teams of the season. Meanwhile, the other match up was a lot more one-sided, and although it would have been celebratory by itself that a European team reached the semifinals, it was still the Koreans who hold the finals.




After a grueling series against ROX Tigers, the number one seed of South Korea, SK Telecom T1 managed to secure a slot in the finals. It was a series that could have been perfect to cap off the whole tournament, but sadly ROX and SKT had to dish it off on the semifinals. It wasn’t certain all throughout which team would emerge victorious, as it shows in their stellar performance just how much they want to win. SKT took Game 1 from ROX, capitalizing on the Karma kills that got them ahead of the game. Game 2 favored ROX with a dominating game by Smeb as Rumble, supported by Gorilla’s Miss Fortune, in a way making up for his Karma from Game 1. They double downed with the Rumble-MF combo and took Game 3 as well, but this time it was Peanut’s Lee Sin that really shined along with PraY’s Ashe. Game 4 turned into a disaster for ROX when they switched out the Miss Fortune for a Zyra to support Rumble, which was promptly destroyed by Bang’s Jhin, Faker’s Zilean and bengi’s Nidalee. SKT took home the series with a Game 5 victory, with Duke’s Poppy leading the way. bengi earned the MVP of the series award for his unflinching and selfless gameplay, setting his team with great teamfights, and especially thanks to his Baron steal in Game 5.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the semifinals, H2k-Gaming fell to the Samsung Galaxy team 3-0, with SSG taking advantage of their momentum to finish off the last European team. Crown and CuVee led their team to three straight wins and spared no quarters as they close out game after game with overwhelming force. Crown’s domination as Viktor in the third game forced H2k to lose the match in only 27 minutes. Just like bengi, Ambition’s setups and ganks contributed to their wins all throughout the series, earning him the series’ MVP title.

SSG and SKT will be facing each other in the finals on the 29th, this Saturday. Although a prize of $621,750 already awaits both teams who are entering the finals, they would still be fighting teeth to teeth for the $1,658,000 grand prize. Will SKT beat SSG and prove once again that they are not only the best Korean team, but the best in the World? Or will SSG take down the reigning champions and take the crown for their own?

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