Team Faceless were merciless – and unstoppable – on the first day of the SEA qualifiers.



It is possible that Team Faceless has already secured their spot for the Boston Major with their stellar performance on Day 1, and if the trend follows they might come out on top winning every single match they have on the qualifiers. As there will only be two teams that will emerge from these nine teams, Day 2 will probably be just a battle for the second slot.

The Mongolz and Rex Regum no longer have any chance to qualify. With 0-4, the best score they could achieve from Day 2 would be 4-4, which would not be enough to beat FL. Although 4-4 could possibly tie up with Fnatic’s worst possible score, Mongolz and RR already lost their games against Fnatic and would lose to Fnatic’s score in the event of a tie-breaker.

Fire Dragoon Esports were able to qualify through the open qualifiers, but they would need the best of luck and skill to be able to qualify. It is still a possibility that they could get in, but only if they win all of their games on Day 2 and everyone else have a bad day. Signature. Trust sit on the same boat as FDG, but they hold an advantage for being able to beat FDG on their match-up.

TNC Gaming had its struggles but were able to beat Mongolz, their only win in their first three games. As they have already lost against FL and Mineski, TNC has to make sure they beat both Fnatic and WarriorsGaming.Unity on Day 2, to even have any hopes of qualifying.

The top three teams below FL, who are in the best position to qualify along them, are Fnatic, Mineski and WGU, respectively. Mineski remains undefeated as well in their first three games played on Day 1. The matchup between Mineski and Fnatic could decide which between the two teams would proceed into the Boston Major. WGU already lost a game against FL and won one against Fnatic, so their matchup against Mineski would be pivotal as well.

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