Will Wings Gaming be able to do a back-to-back championship, or is it time for Evil Geniuses to make a comeback? Or perhaps a new team will have their first taste of their The Summit victory?




We’re about to see the sixth iteration of Beyond the Summit’s premier tournament, The Summit 6, and we’ll be seeing two new teams and six teams with renewed hopes coming together starting tomorrow. Team NP and Team Faceless will have their first foray in their teams to The Summit while the rest of other teams have been here before. Evil Geniuses will try to get their third The Summit victory while Wings Gaming will try to get their second for a possible back-to-back championship.

Team NP will be participating in lieu of former The Summit 4 champions Team Secret, who have chosen not to join the tournament. Nevertheless, this tournament will be a good preview to what to expect in the upcoming Boston Majors on December, as most of the big names playing in the majors are here in The Summit 6.

The $100,000 prizepool will be fought over in a double elimination format, with all the losers from the upper bracket still having a chance to redeem themselves in the lower bracket. The Grand finals will be Best of 5, while the rest of the matches will be Best of 3.

Into the Summit

This will be FL’s first premier tournament, and it is exciting to see how well they will fare against the other big names of the world. So far, FL has been performing really well in all the qualifiers it has joined so far (with an exception of the very first they joined – the ROG Masters qualifiers), and also winning first place in the recently concluded ProDota Southeast Asia#3 where they beat Rex Regum 3:0 in the finals.

Meanwhile, this will be NP’s second premier tournament, with the recently concluded Northern Beat Arena their most recent. In that tournament, NP lost against Wings in the finals. However, NP has also been performing relatively well in their recent tournaments.

Wings, on the other hand, continues to dominate every tournament that they have joined since winning The International 6, so it would be interesting to see how long they’d be able to keep up their streak.

EG has also been performing really well with their new captainship under Cr1t and they continue to show that EG still have their edge. After TI6, they won MarsTV Dota2 League, and they have also been the subject of Valve’s Truesight series of documentaries.

Digital Chaos will try to prove that they are not just a contender, that they can also be champions. DC has been plagued of being only able to reach second place in the premier tournaments that they have joined. After losing to Wings in TI6’s finals, will they now be able to beat the dominant Chinese team and prove that they are also champions?

Virtus.pro similarly face the same problems, as they are one of the most respective European teams but have never won any premier tournaments so far. Will this change now in The Summit 6?

And finally, EHOME. The veteran brand of Chinese Dota. EHOME has been around since the first tournaments, and are best known as the team that handed Natus Vincere’s only losses in the very first TI. But despite EHOME’s famed reputation, they struggle to keep their spot as a relevant team in Dota2. But The Summit 6 will give them the chance to prove their doubters wrong.

A lot is on the line in terms of reputation here in The Summit 6, the biggest event right before The Boston Major. It is both a preview and a testing ground for the teams that are participating, and whether they like it or not, the results of this tournament will affect everyone’s performance in The Boston Major. The fans are watching, and they have to deliver.


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