Today TNC Pro Team announced that they have parted ways with their support duo Mark “Cast” Pilar and Linuel “Teehee Abanto.

The team’s website released an article about the departure of Mark “Cast” Pilar and Linuel “Teehee” Abanto. It was stated that the support duo didn’t quite fit the team as a whole, which was clearly evident in their recent performances in the Boston Majors SEA Qualifiers and their run in the WESG APAC Qualifiers. We’ve caught up with Mr. Paulo Sy, the manager of the team and here’s what he has to say.

It was short but a fun journey with Cast and Teehee. Both have been very close to TNC since Cast owns a branch of TNC and Teehee was a former member of the team. But we have decided to revolve around Kuku and SamH. Moving forward, we will be signing players who’s not only skilled, but will fit with Kuku and SamH’s playstyle and personality.

Team chemistry is something that’s very important when you are creating a team. You may have 5 talented and skilled players but that doesn’t guarantee it’s success. Still, thank you to Cast and Teehee for joining us for almost 3 months. I wish them good luck in their future plans.

It was also stated that they’re currently scouting for players who’ll fit the Kuku and SamH playstyle. Speculations are rising as there are rumors surrounding the departure of ex-TNC players from Fnatic. Will we see new faces or some old ones? We’ll just have to wait as the events unfold.


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