Sixteen teams, four groups, two days.



Photo credit: Wyk’s Facebook Page

The Boston Major cometh, and we’ll finally start seeing some action this coming weekend. Despite the disappointing news recently about Execration’s forced withdrawal from the tournament, we are all still excited to watch Dota2 games with just some of the best teams in the world.

Although this would be the first time Puppey would be missing out on a Valve-sponsored event, there is absolutely no shortage of talent for the Boston Major. Even the apparent underdogs seem ready to fight against the veteran players. Each of the groups promise tight competition and we would surely see great contest these following weeks. Of course, high hopes are there for the fans of teams like OG, Evil Geniuses, EHOME, Newbee, and TI6 champions Wings Gaming. But emerging teams who have been seeing tremendous success recently, some completely new and some consisting of a mixture of old and young players, will also be entering the main stage of the world of Dota2, such as Team Faceless, Ad Finem, Team NP, Virtus Pro and Warriors Gaming.Unity.

Of course, there are also MVP Phoenix, Complexity Gaming, and Digital Chaos, who are in no doubt skillful, top-tier teams, but have yet to take home a Valve-sponsored event’s trophy. Will they finally find their rightful place on the top, or are they doomed to forever be runners-up? And of course the rest of the Chinese teams that have not yet been mentioned, contributing to China’s 28 players going to the Major: LGD Gaming, LGD Forever Young and iG Vitality.

And disappointingly for everyone involved, especially the fans, an international event is not complete without the unfortunate victims of visa troubles, namely the whole team of Execration, who were replaced by LGD; Monet and Ipc of LGD.FY being replaced by END and DDC from Vici Gaming; and BurNIng and Q of Invictus Gaming subbing in for super and dogf1ghts of iG.V. We still look forward to the day that visa issues will no longer prevent players from competing and for tournaments to be all-out, but sadly this tournament is yet again plagued by this perennial problem.

If we’re going to base results off GosuGamers ranking, it would be Wings, OG, EG and VP getting the top seeds in their respective groups. Things are looking really great for VP recently, who have won their first The Summit title in its 6th rendition, beating OG in the Grand Finals. The teams from the qualifiers, especially Ad Finem, VP and Faceless, are also teams to look out for in the Boston Major.

Regardless of whatever results the group stage boils down to, all teams will still have the chance to compete in the Single Eliminations, Best of 3 Playoffs, with a Best of 5 Grand Finals. The top seeding teams of each group will have the advantage of choosing the teams they’ll be facing first in the playoffs from the pool of the lower seeded teams.

And so, everyone should set their alarms and get their viewing parties ready for next week, as the Boston Major will be setting off the first major Dota2 Valve event of this season.

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