Another team secures a premier tournament win ahead of the upcoming CS:GO Major.

The CS:GO scene is looking very competitive, as almost all recent premier tournaments keep going the way of different teams, this time with ELEAGUE Season 2 going to the Canadian team OpTic Gaming – taking the final series 2:1 over Astralis.

Astralis came into the finals with a very strong showing, a 2:0 victory over world champions SK Gaming with a score of 16:11 on de_overpass and 16:12 on de_train, which was a major upset, as SK is highly regarded as the best team on de_train. OpTic also came in with a similar 2:0 on the same 2 maps, this time over FaZe Clan, scoring a dominant 16:3 on de_train and 16:12 on de_overpass.

The first map was highly competitive for both teams, as they played on de_train. Astralis secured an early lead on their terrorist side, exploiting their weakened defense and ending the first half 11:4, OpTic was never given the chance to catch up, and the first map goes 16:9 to Astralis.

The second map was the opposite story – OpTic gave the dominant showing this time on de_cobblestone, starting things off with a huge lead on their terrorist side, mounting with repeated B-site bombings, clean exchanges and great entry frags. The first half ended 11:4, and Astralis couldn’t close the gap as the map ended 16:6 in favor of OpTic.

The deciding map was again familiar to both teams, both having beaten their semi-final opponents on it already: de_overpass. The first place, and $400,000 prize was all on the line, and both teams showed it – this was the closest map of the series, ending 16:11 in favor of OpTic thanks to a great defensive performances on their counter-terrorist side.

With previous premier tournament winners dropping out at the group stages or at the playoffs, such as Natus Vincere, Cloud9, Virtus.Pro, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Dignitas, and SK Gaming – OpTic have shown themselves a true contender for January’s upcoming CS:GO ELEAGUE Major. Rankings are very tough to call right now, and it’s looking like any team can defeat any other team, which will surely lead to amazing matchups.

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