Sweeping both of their competitions in the Round of 16s in the Boston Major, OG and WG.U advanced to the next round of the tournament and will now be facing each other next.



Warriors Gaming.Unity and compLexity Gaming were both underdogs of the Boston Major, and yet they faced each other in the first round of the tournament. Many have predicted coL to take the cake, but WG.U have performed well enough to make a statement: that WG.U is a contender for the Boston Major, and they shouldn’t be ruled out of the competition just because they got into the Boston Major through the qualifiers.

In both of their matches today, WG.U used Timbersaw for NaNa as their primary shock absorber, picking supports such as Omniknight, Shadow Demon and Rubick to give Timbersaw extra fat. Their strategy involved mostly of pressuring lanes to push them down early, and along with a Luna carry for Ah Jit, their pushing strat became too effective for coL to handle. They had no answer to the Timbersaw nor the Luna who would just ignore their attempts to push them back, focusing down the towers, then the rax, until coL becomes forced to call GG as they watch their Ancient get whittled down.

Meanwhile, most fans have predicted OG to defeat MVP Phoenix, but there were times when it seemed like MVP would have taken the game away from OG. In both games, MVP pressured OG in the laning stage to force OG to become aggressive, but a very patient Ana and n0tail knew that the key to their victories would come from them getting good farm and destroying the enemy team with their carries once they have the items they needed.

On their first game, MVP Phoenix had been knocking on OG’s rax already when Ana’s Ember Spirit came in pushing them back, having farmed the whole game and now showing MVP who’s boss. In the second game, MVP kept on pressuring the midlane, where Ana was holding the lane as Invoker and both Jerax and Fly watching over the lane in the sidelines, making sure that the mid lane would not be pushed down. All the while, n0tail nonchalantly farmed the top lane with Terrorblade, clearing creep wave after creep wave until he was strong enough to take on the enemy team on his own. As observed by the casters, n0tail showed a very aggressive use of Terrorblade, a hero known to prefer pushing rather than fighting in clashes, as n0tail finished the game with a score of 12/3/11. n0tail’s aggression forced MVP to back down and defend their base as Terrorblade took down tower after tower, until MVP was forced to call GG.

WG.U and OG will have a day of rest before they would face each other again two days from now. OG would surely be the favorite of the matchup with WG.U being the underdog again, but in the world of Dota2, there is no certainty on which team will dominate. OG is running to get their third Major win, but WG.U has been showing so much potential that they might even get their first Valve event victory here, fresh off the boat from the qualifiers. And two teams very hungry for a win lead to very interesting Dota2 games, and we’re all thrilled to see what happens next.

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