Just like any of Valve’s other events, The Boston Major has no shortage of fun and insightful behind the scenes footage. We compiled a couple of these clips for the first few days that we
personally liked and thought you guys would appreciate watching as well.

Lil’s advice to everyone else in the Major


Aside from talking about Virtus.pro as a team, the pressure of being the new face of CIS Dota, and VP’s growing fanbase, VP’s support Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk also gave a piece of advice to the other teams playing in The Boston Major. When asked by Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner if he could give some advice to the other teams, he said “I only have one advice, just call GG in minute one, so don’t waste our time.” Some spicy harmless trashtalking from the leading team of the tournament!

I just have to not have fun


Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg has some choice words about his role in Evil Geniuses. When asked by SirActionSlacks how he ensures that his carries are doing well, zai has this to say: “I just have to not have fun, I just give up my right to have fun, pretty much.” Hey carries, be thankful of your supports for buying you all the wards and making sure you don’t die!

I think Dota chose me


A quick look in the life of Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka showed how his family reacted to his professional eSports career. We also see him briefly take a cold bath in the freezing weather outdoors in Finland. The calm OG support also talks about how he thinks Dota chose him. “I feel Dota just took me and it didn’t give a chance and I’m here now.” Just like him, many players didn’t actually see their professional eSports career coming, until they’re there.

SirActionSlacks takes part in OG Bootcamp


SirActionSlacks wanted to know the secrets behind OG’s successes, so he visited OG’s room and joined their Bootcamp along with JerAx, n0tail, Fly, s4 and ana. Having experienced OG’s bootcamp himself, the 5k mmr pub stomper SirActionSlacks must have been ready to take on the Major, but then he didn’t pass Fly’s final test.

DetectiveActionSlacks interrogates Machine


SirActionSlacks and Kevin “Purge” Godec quizzed Boston Major’s host Alex “Machine” Richardson on his Dota2 knowledge. Machine did look like he did his homework when he answered question upon question from Purge and Slacks. The UK-based casted is more well-known for casting games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty, but his analysis and hosting is a welcome addition to the Boston Major’s panel.

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