Vici Gaming and iG.Vitality lead Group A and We Are Young and Prodota Gaming lead Group B yesterday, who will then be heading on to the Playoffs today.



Vici Gaming dominated Group A of the first day of the WCA 2016 to secure a spot in the single-elimination playoff series today. Luna continued to be a vital pick in this new patch, being chosen twice by VG in their three games yesterday, wherein both games Luna picked off kills with impunity. Their third match for the day which was against iG.Vitality was another win for VG, this time with a Slardar-Lifestealer combo that made Lifestealer feast on the iG.V going 19/0/6. As such, iG.V defeated every other opponent they had in Group A except for VG, whose drafting strategy didn’t change over the patch, showing that old drafts still work in 7.00. Newbee and Vince Te Ipsum were eliminated from the tournament as they fall down the bottom ranks of Group A.

In Group B, the competition was closer, with three teams tying up on the top two spot. All scoring 3:1 by the end of the main round-robin matches, We Are Young, Prodota Gaming and Vega Squadron went on their own round-robin tiebreaker series against each other. Vega failed to claim their spot in the playoffs after losing to both WAY and PD. This came in even though Vega actually did really well in the group stages in their matches against WAY, Warriors Gaming.Unity and Union Gaming BO. But since Vega wasn’t able to replicate their win on their rematch with WAY during the tiebreaker, they have lost their spot in the playoff and are now out of the competition.

Today the semifinals will be fought between VG, iG.V, WAY and PD, with each team facing a team from the other group in a Bo3 series. The finals will start tomorrow, and the victors will be crowned the first ever Premier tournament champions of Version 7.00.

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