The World Cyber Arena 2016 playoffs saw really quick finishes for the games, with iG Vitality and Vici Gaming dishing it out on the finals in a five game match.

The first round of the WCA playoffs had the first placers of the group stage going against the other group’s second placer. Thus, Vici Gaming went head-to-head against Prodota Gaming while We Are Young fought against iG Vitality. VG took down PD on their first game, and was awarded the second game after mass disconnections from PD’s side. hehe then dominated WAY completely on their two games against them, thus securing them a spot in the finals.

The battle for the first place saw both Group A teams VG and iG.V dishing it out while PD and WAY of Group B had to settle for the third and fourth place. WAY then single-handedly beat PD with Gentoki playing both games dying only once after being part of 41 kills for their team.

The battle for the finals took five games between iG.V and VG. InJuly’s Dark Seer gave iG.V a big boost in the first game, allowing them to shut down VG convincingly with a 15:6 28-minute victory. The second game was more even. VG took down a lot of iG.V heroes in the early game through multiple ganks in every lane. 11 minutes in, the score was at 10:2 in favor of VG. VG continues to play strongly by sticking together all the time, but a disastrous tower dive at the top lane just to get InJuly’s Batrider turned the tables around as VG lost four of their heroes while Paparazi’s Morphling pushed down solo the bottom lane. iG.V then went to the middle lane to push down towers, and an unsuccessful attempt to defend the towers led to VG losing three of their heroes, and leading to them calling an early GG.

VG continued being aggressive in the third game with their ganks, diving in towers with no fear of dying with the whole team looking for kills. They again secured an early game lead with a 6:0 lead by 7 minutes. Their aggression allowed them to ward a lot of vital points in the enemy team’s jungle, which then allowed them more kills in uncontested jungle ganks. A middle lane clash at 16 minutes allowed iG.V to turn the game around again, with both teams bringing in all of their heroes into the clash, but three heroes died at VG’s side while leaving iG.V’s team complete. But VG would not allow their errors in the second game to repeat. They continued being aggressive and pushed down lanes and a bottom lane clash at the 27-minute mark forced iG.V to call GG, their first loss in the match.

Yang’s Clockwerk initiations followed up by Mikasa’s sweeps as Dragon Knight allowed VG to continue their aggression picking up kills after kills in 5-man ganks. iG.V’s jungles became ripe spots for VG to gank them, with VG not allowing Paparazi’s Sven and hehe’s Legion Commander to farm up their items with the neutral creeps. After losing their middle barracks to VG, iG.V tried to bounce back up by going for a smoke gank on the top lane, but VG never allowed themselves to be isolated from the rest of the team, and so they were able to push back iG.V’s attempts to rebound. VG gave iG.V a beating in iG.V’s worst performance in the tournament, making Game 5 a winner-takes-all battle.

Mikasa’s Queen of Pain did short work of hehe’s Outworld Destroyer, with the QoP killing OD multiple times in the middle lane. But a middle lane gank by the whole team of iG.V allowed OD to bounce back after they caught two heroes idle in the middle lane. Paparazi’s Luna’s Manta Style gave iG.V control of the map, allowing them to push down lanes even when they are losing heroes in ganks. However, once iG.V started sticking together, ganks started becoming problematic for VG, with iG.V being able to kill off the aggressive VG in each of their attempts to pick off an enemy hero. Thanks to a lot of iG.V’s heroes having multiple disables, iG.V was able to shut down VG in the clashes, allowing them more space to push, until they were able to take down all of VG’s barracks in one sitting, forcing VG to call GG and surrender the crown to iG.V

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