The new format will be used for professional play in the 2017 season


The pick/ban phase will now feature 10 total bans per game (5 per team) in the following format, beginning with the usual alternating three bans and picking the next three champions in the same way as usual, but with an additional alternating two bans before the second pick phase.


The new format was decided upon by Riot to encourage teams to train bigger champion pools and increase pick diversity in the professional scene, aside from also making it more exciting for spectators. Teams which are able to predict their enemy’s strategy and counter-ban it in the second phase will surely be rewarded.

Riot has stated they have tested the new format with professional teams, taking their feedback into account, and will continue to do so. Regular matchmaking will not be applying the new system just yet, as Riot is still determining whether the new format will be applicable to non-organized games.

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