Newbee and Digital Chaos come out on top of their groups.

The first premier tournament of the year, ESL One Genting, opened with a dominant showing from CIS team Virtus.Pro over home-crowd favorite Fnatic, who’s new roster will be competing for the first time. VP came in with a classic early-aggression strategy, and Roman “Ramzes666” Kushnarev having a great game on Juggernaut, netting himself a 10/0/6 KDA and showing why they came in as tournament favorites – ending the game in just 26 minutes.

The second best-of-one for group A was between Chinese team Newbee, looking to prove themselves after a disappointing Boston Major run, and Team NP. It was another one-sided battle, this time lasting 46 minutes, but Newbee was able to secure an early enough lead with multiple Lifestealer infest-bomb combos that they never really gave away.

Group A’s winner’s match was between the group’s two favored teams, which went all the way to three games – the first one went Newbee’s way thanks to a well-executed Drow strat which featured Virtus.Pro’s signature support Weaver pick used against them by Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi. The second game however, was won by Virtus.Pro thanks to an interesting strategy involving Underlord and Io, which lasted only 22 minutes. The final game that decided the series was a totally one-sided game in favor of Newbee, who netted themselves an impressive 34:2 kill score, 10 of which came from their midlaner, Song “Sccc” Chun.

Over on group B, we saw Digital Chaos go up against our fellow Filipino team, Execration. They unfortunately lost the match, while DC’s Aliwi “w33” Omar went 8:0 on his signature Meepo and Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok matched his teammate’s score on his Luna.

The second best-of-one was between Wings Gaming versus Malaysian Qualifer team Warriors Gaming Unity, with Wings showing impressive grace under pressure, as most of the game had WG.U leading – up until a team fight went Wings’ way at 38 minutes, with multiple heroes wiped, and Wings took over the game to end it.

The last game of the day was a The International 6 grand finals rematch, which started off very strong for Wings, who were able to successfully counter w33’s Meepo with a Winter Wyvern pick for Peng “iceice” Lee, and Yang “bLink” Zhou racking up 14 kills to his name using a Shadow Fiend. The second game of the series was more of a nail biter, as both teams traded kills almost evenly – ending on a 47:46 score in favor of DC by the 57th minute. The final game of the day saw DC finally take some payback for TI6, besting Wings in a truly dominant fashion, thanks to w33’s Ember Spirit play from the midlane, scoring a 16/2/14 KDA.

Day 2’s opening match will be Fnatic vs. NP, followed by Execration vs. Warriors Gaming Unity. Virtus.Pro and Wings will be facing off against the respective winners from the previously mentioned matches.

As a reminder, only the top two teams from each group will enter the playoffs, already earning themselves a slot in the semifinals. ESL One Genting’s prizepool is $250,000 and will run until Sunday, January 8, 2017.

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