and TNC Pro Team earn their direct spot to the quarterfinals!


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Group A

Chinese team continued their strong performance from Day 1 to top their group, with 11 points – winning 3 series, drawing 2 and not losing a single one. They won their series vs. MVP revolution pretty quickly, the first game through countering a Meepo strat with Sven and Timbersaw, the second game through countering a Drow strat with their Juggernaut and Alchemist. Due to topping their group, they immediately secure a top 8 spot and move on to the quarterfinals.

The other two teams that qualify into the playoffs from group A are Peruvian Team Delicom and MVP.Revolution representing Kyrgyzstan who each earned 9 and 8 points respectively. Team Delicom won a very quick 2:0 over T.Show, with the first game a Lifestealer + Storm Spirit/Slardar Infest combo strat that took 21 minutes, and the second game a 13-minute stomp. They also played their series vs. T.O.T. yesterday, ending in a 1:1.

MVP.Revolution secured their third place spot when they went 1:1 vs. former-Alliance player Joakim “Akke” Akterhall’s team Horde, with the first game going Horde’s way through a minus-armor strat and the second game a 47-minute Naga Siren game that went to MVP.R

Group D

TNC Pro Team performed splendidly yesterday, topping their group with 10 points and a 3wins-1draw-1lose score, tying with Peruvian team Infamous but earning the top seed due to their 2:0 win vs. them in the head-to-head. They tied their first series of the day vs. the star-studded Team Ukraine, first losing to Danil “Dendi” Ishutin’s Magnus, but completely shutting it down in the next game. They also 2:0’d Thai team Signature.Trust, one of our own SEA rivals, in two games – the first with Carlo “Kuku” Palad showing a good performance on the Queen of Pain, earning a 12/4/10 KDA and carry Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto netting a 8/1/10 KDA on Weaver. Game 2 was a much quicker affair, with both cores shining again, to score 8 kills each, and offlaner Samson “Sam_H” Hidalgo setting up teamfights with Slardar. Their third series of the day was another 2:0 versus Russian team Comanche, the first being a well-executed Drow + Storm Spirit strat, and the second, another good game for Raven’s Luna. Sam_H set the kill record of the game with a 10/3/7 KDA. The two series wins and one tie secured TNC’s spot in the top 8 and the playoffs.

Also coming into the playoffs from group D are Peruvian Team Infamous and Chinese Team MAX.Y. Infamous started their day strong with a quick 2:0 versus Signature.Trust, both games running on a Lifestealer-centric strat. They also tied 1:1 with Comanche, the first game a 68-minute slog they eventually pulled through despite Kim “yoky” Maxim getting himself 20 kills as Dragon Knight. Comanche won the second game however, by shutting down Alonso “Kotaro  Hayama” Lion’s Templar Assassin on the midlane. They also win 2:0 vs. MAX.Y, with the first game going their way via a Drow + Storm Spirit + Puck strat and the second being the standard Lifestealer + Slardar combo.

Chinese team MAX.Y wasn’t as dominant as they were on the previous day, going 1:1 versus Comanche and versus Team Ukraine. They lost their first game versus Ukraine through the CIS-classic fast push strat, allowing the enemy team to pick their signature heroes such as Ivan “ArtStyle” Antonov’s Chen and Viktor “GeneRaL” Nigrini’s Beastmaster. They brought the series to a tie thanks to great execution shutting down Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok’s Legion Commander and a Razor that Ukraine failed to shut down and netted itself a 16/0/10 KDA. Through their strong performance on the first day however, they are able to maintain their spot to the playoffs.

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