The World Electronic Sports Games 2016 was not short on excitement as both TnC Pro Team and Cloud9 performed really well in the Grand Finals of the prestigious tournament. But TnC came out on top to bring home $800,000 – almost P40,000,000.

Both TnC and Cloud9 drafted comfortable picks on the first game. TnC picked up Earth Spirit, Juggernaut, Dazzle, Sand King and Weaver while C9 went for Rubick, Ogre Magi, Batrider, Ember Spirit and Vengeful Spirit. TnC’s aggressive early game pressured C9 into trying to win the game midgame. However, TnC’s teamfight reliant composition allowed them to teamwipe the whole Cloud9 roster in multiple occasions. Cloud9 would usually try to push down the bottom lane, and everytime they do TnC would react with a crushing blow from behind coming from the shrine. Tims’ Earth Spirit have been really good in finding the holes in C9’s lanes early game. The midlane Ember Spirit of Babyknight and HeStEJoE-RoTTeN’s Batrider in the bottom lane suffered multiple early deaths thanks to TnC’s insistence to go for a teamfight. TnC’s early lead was put into trouble when C9 managed to jump unto Kuku’s Juggernaut in the middle lane, but TnC just took almost every teamfight thereafter to completely turn the tides of battle in their favor.

In the second game’s draft, we saw C9 banning out Earth Spirit, and going for a heavy armor lineup with Sven, Sniper, Bane Elemental, Dark Seer and Luna, against TnC’s all-in armor-reducing lineup Drow Ranger, Vengeful Spirit, Templar Assassin, Ogre Magi and Slardar. C9 went for a more aggressive strategy in the second game, sticking together most of the time and taking down Raven’s Drow Ranger and Kuku’s Templar Assassin. The Sven really caused a lot of trouble for TnC, with no way for them to stop him from his Warcry and Storm Hammer. TnC’s efforts to gank and isolate their opponents are answered with C9’s quick response and rotation. C9’s strong pressure prompted TnC to play more defensively than the previous game, opting to farm core items instead of pushing for teamfights. The Slardar wasn’t enough for initiations and so C9 was able to easily push out TnC’s barracks. As TnC’s last barracks fell, TnC was forced to call GG.

TnC went back into shape for Game 3, and drafted a lineup that has more AoE, which was what they were missing in the previous game. Their team consisted of Queen of Pain, Sand King, Slardar, Shadow Demon and Juggernaut, against C9’s Luna, Outworld Destroyer, Batrider, Witch Doctor and Sven. TnC showed their aggression early on with a minute 0 smoke gank to the Outworld Destroyer, which Raven’s Juggernaut, but in return they lost Kuku’s QoP, ryOyr’s Shadow Demon and Sam H’s Sand King. The aggressiveness has balanced out this round, with both teams taking turns diving towers and ganking lanes, in varying degrees of success for both sides. Thanks to their fearlessness, the game hanged on a thread for a long while, with the tides of battle shifting between the two multiple times. A mid-game contention of TnC’s Roshan attempt led to a massacre of the Filipino team, which tipped the scales in favor of C9 for a long while. But TnC displayed resilience and soldiered on, slowly picking up their core items, and biding their time. Raven’s Juggernaut continued farming until he completed his Linken’s Sphere for additional survivability, while Kuku went for the Octarine Core. 35 minutes into the game, C9 has already destroyed TnC’s tier 2 towers and have taken down their shrines. 37 minutes in, Kuku surprised everyone when he bought a Blademail for Queen of Pain. Even as C9 pushed on to TnC’s barracks, TnC still kept their cool, waiting for Kuku to reach Level 25 for his talent – +70% Spell Lifesteal. In conjunction with his Octarine Core, this gave Kuku lots of survivability in the form of vampiric powers. A midlane clash that led to C9 being wiped out by TnC allowed TnC to defeat Roshan and get the Aegis for Raven, and Tims getting the Cheese. But despite the Aegis and the Cheese, TnC still couldn’t find the momentum to rush middle lane with the enemy team guarding it intently. The Aegis would then expire without a fight occurring as TnC retreated and wait for C9 to go into their base. However, C9 wouldn’t fall for the trap, and they waited the Aegis out. With the Cheese passed to Kuku, TnC went down the bottom lane looking for a fight, where they were caught unawares by C9, leading to a double kill by Babyknight on Kuku and ryOyr. With QoP out of the picture, C9 went on the offensive and dived the tier 3 top tower, forcing Kuku to buy back to defend with his team. A very intense teamfight ensued, which initially led to TnC’s heroes falling one by one and being forced to buy back immediately to rejoin the fight. TnC’s defense eventually succeeded and forced C9 to fall back without taking down TnC’s tower. With three heroes down in C9, TnC used the opportunity to push down the bottom lane, where they were confronted by the enemy team. Kuku was caught off guard by his enemies, getting his health down low to critical levels, but a very timely use of Eul’s delayed his death, and he was able to use the Cheese to regain health as soon as he got down. His survivability allowed the rest of his team to come join the fight, and they soon turned the tables against C9, forcing them back into the high ground while TnC gives chase. ryOyr continuously used disrupt on Luna to make Luna illusions, which he effectively used to push down the bottom tier 3 tower and eventually one of the barracks, and leaving 1HP for the other one. They then moved on the middle lane but was pushed back by C9. Looking to finish the game, TnC moved to smokegank C9 in their upper jungle, which led to four of C9 falling in exchange of two of TnC. With no buybacks available and only a sole Luna to defend their middle lane, C9’s tower and barracks fell. TnC concentrated on hitting the Ancient Towers with Shadow Demon again using Luna illusions to push, not minding C9’s final attempts to defend their base, and TnC succeeded in taking down the Radiant Ancient and winning $800,000 in the process.

Meanwhile, Alliance takes third place after coming back from a 1-0 deficit to win two games straight against Infamous. TnC wins $800,000 for winning 1st place, C9 taking home $400,000 for 2nd place, [A] with $200,000 in the bag and Infamous with $60,000.

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