Misfits, RNG and compLexity from the NA closed qualifiers round out the sixteen teams.

The last leg of qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas was the closed qualifiers for North America, the best-of-three, single-elimination bracket brought down some big names from the NA scene and gave rise to new ones.

In the second round surprisingly saw one of the favorite teams, Immortals, fall to compLexity by losing their series 2:1, with compLexity showing their form and making a strong statement into the semifinals.

Misfits, newly-signed from the former TSM roster, gave compLexity a master class at the finals, earning their finals spot handily and securing their slot to DreamHack Masters Las Vegas.  

Another fan favorite, Team Liquid managed to make it into the semi-finals despite the ping difference as they played the qualifiers from their bootcamp in Europe – they performed well, forcing two maps into overtime, but didn’t manage to edge out the competition coming in from Renegades, in turn going to the finals and taking the slot to Las Vegas.

The third and final spot for the NA qualifiers went to compLexity after beating out Team Liquid in the decider match.

The tournament will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States on the 15th-19th of February, 2017 and features a $450,000 prize pool. These three teams will be competing with Virtus.Pro, Cloud9, Astralis, OpTic, North, Natus Vincere, SK Gaming, NiP, fnatic, mousesports, Gambit, FaZe, and TyLoo.

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