Astralis, Gambit, SK and mousesports already well on their way to the playoffs


It’s only been two days in the group stage for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas and we’ve already seen some amazing games and surprising results. Let’s take a look at the standings so far:


Group A


A clear favorite in the group and perhaps the whole tournament, the recent Major winner, Astralis, stands tall above the opposition, easily defeating compLexity 16:5 on Nuke and taking out OpTic 16:9 on the same map. They’re looking in good form, and have already secured their spot to the playoffs. compLexity has been eliminated after losing to North 4:16, and tomorrow’s decider match is between OpTic and North – an expected matchup for second in the group.


Group B


Things are more exciting over in Group B where the ‘dark horse’ Gambit Esports takes out both the reunited roster of Fnatic, who were unable to summon back their fabled prowess on Inferno (losing 8:16) and also beating Virtus.Pro 16:10 on Cobblestone – remaining undefeated on that map and in some analysts eyes, perhaps the best cobblestone team in professional counterstrike. Misfits were eliminated due to losing 12:16 to Virtus.Pro on Cobblestone, and to Fnatic 9:16 on Mirage. Perhaps it’s an unexpected matchup for tomorrow’s decider match, which will be between Virtus.Pro and Fnatic, the two teams most people were expecting to get to the playoffs from this group.


Group C


The new roster of SK Gaming also rises above the competition in their groups, raking in impressive round-score wins over TyLoo (16:5 on Cobblestone) and Cloud9 (16:6 on Overpass), giving them a direct ticket to the playoffs. The Chinese roster of TyLoo has been eliminated after losing to NiP 5:16 on Cobblestone. It’s going to be a rematch between NiP and Cloud9 for the playoffs spot, and seeing as both these teams had good run-ups before the Major but failed to qualify, they’re surely going to try to prove themselves here.


Group D


In perhaps the biggest upset of the tournament so far, Mousesports took 1st place in their group – seemingly an appropriate swan song for Nikola “NiKo” Kovac on his last tournament with the team. They unexpectedly defeated Natus Vincere 16:12 on Cobblestone after an impressive comeback and some amazing clutches from NiKo, and proceeded to defeat FaZe 16:10 on Mirage to secure their playoffs spot. Australian team Renegades has been eliminated after losing 14:16 to FaZe Clan on Mirage, and 6:16 to Na’Vi on the same map. Tomorrow’s decider will be Na’Vi vs. FaZe – a matchup that might be more critical for Na’Vi (who have hinted at some internal issues after their loss to mouz) than for FaZe, who will be welcoming NiKo to their team after this tournament.
It’s the last day of groups tomorrow, with the four best-of-three matches deciding who will move on into the playoffs for a chance to win part of the $450,000 prize pool.

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