Team Faceless continues to be the dominant force in the SEA region, dropping only a single game on the first four days of the Minor Tournament.


Going 2-0 against Mineski, MVP.Hot6ix and Young Minds, and tying against Warriors Gaming.Unity, Team Faceless were able to secure the top place of Group A of the tournament, and with it the top playoff seed for the Playoffs. For playing well in the group stage, Faceless also earned an extra $1,500 as a reward.

Young Minds will be dropped from the tournament, for scoring the least in Group A. Mineski, Hot6ix and WG.U will be proceeding to the Playoffs while awaiting for their match-ups based on Group B’s performance. Hot6ix clinched a spot on the last series of Group A, defeating YM 2-0, allowing them to score a playoff seed at the last possible minute.

Tonight, the matches for Group B will start. We will be seeing TnC Pro Team playing back-to-back against Execration and GeekFam. TnC will first go head-to-head against XctN later at 7PM, then they’ll face GeekFam at 9:30. Other teams in Group B are Trust and Clutch Gamers.

The significance of Mr. Cat Invitational

Despite only being a Minor Tournament, and being only an online tournament, the results of the Mr. Cat Invitational are still important, if not for the prize pool, but by the way it affects the Power Rankings of the SEA region. With the power vacuum left behind by Fnatic and MVP Phoenix, the SEA teams are still fighting over the top spot for the region, with Team Faceless currently taking the lead. The Power Rankings would be one of the biggest factors of who will be invited in the upcoming Kiev Majors. This means that every game counts for the top SEA teams – WG.U, TnC Pro Team, Mineski, Execration and Faceless.

Team Faceless currently stands on top of the region, ranking 9th overall in the world, followed by TnC, with a ranking of 11th overall. WG.U stands third in the SEA region, and 17th overall, Execration at 26th, and Mineski at 27th.


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