We’ve mentioned before how important this tournament is, despite being just an online tournament – it affects the power rankings of the SEA Region with the power vacuum left behind by Fnatic and MVP.Phoenix. With no obvious SEA team to invite for the coming Kiev Majors, every single tournament might be able to affect the tides. So we’re going to have a little recap of what has been happening so far.


Playoff Picture



During the group stages, Group A had Team Faceless, Mineski, Warriors Gaming.Unity, MVP HOT6ix and Young Minds, while Group B had Geek Fam, Clutch Gamers, TnC Pro Team, Execration and Trust. While Faceless and Geek Fam emerged as the top teams in their respective groups, YM and Trust both fell out and were eliminated.

In Group A, Team Faceless scored the most with 7 points, garnering a record of 3-1-0, losing a single game against WG.U. Mineski and WG.U tied up with 5 points each, with Mineski recording a 2-1-1 and WG.U with a 1-3-0. MVP Hot6ix hanged on with a record of 1-0-3 to stay afloat, beating YM for the final spot in the Playoffs.

In Group B, the matches were pretty much more contested and balanced. GF barely sped away with their lead, scoring only 6 points with a 2-2-0 record. Clutch and TnC both scored 5 points with 1-3-0 records, followed by Execration with 4 points and a 1-2-2 record, beating Trust in their tiebreaker to eliminate the latter from the tournament.

So far into the playoffs bracket, MVP Hot6ix had been eliminated thanks to both Geek Fam, who beat them in the upper brackets, and WG.U, who beat them in the lower brackets. Funnily, aside from being the teams responsible for sending MVP out of the tournament, WG.U and GF are also connected with another piece of trivia – they were both sent to the lower brackets by Clutch Gamers. Now, WG.U and GF will be fighting each other to stay in the tournament.

Meanwhile, Faceless sent Execration to the lower bracket by flawlessly dominating their series. Faceless will be facing whoever wins in the PH vs. PH match-up between TnC and Mineski tonight, and then the loser in that same matchup will be facing Execration in the lower bracket.

Filipino Teams staying alive

With the exception of Young Minds, the rest of the Filipino teams – TnC, Mineski, Execration – and teams with at least one Filipino players, namely Geek Fam – are still in the tournament. Mr. Cat Invitational Season 2 features a lot of Filipino players prominently, and fans of the eSport and local scene should be able to enjoy this tournament as a testament on how great the eSports scene in our country is becoming. Five out of the ten teams participating the tournament are based in the Philippines, with another one team sporting a Filipino player too. If we are going to show our support to our local teams, watching Mr. Cat Invitational Season 2 would be a great way to do so.

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