Bringing home $70,000, the Taiwanese team Flash Wolves beat G2 Esports in Katowice, Poland.


Flash Wolves have shown G2 Esports no quarter over the past several days in the Intel Extreme Masters XI in Katowice, Poland.

In the group stages of IEM Katowice, ROX Tigers and H2k-Gaming took out M19 and Hong Kong eSports in Group A, while Flash Wolves and G2 eliminated Unicorns of Love and Kongdoo Monster. G2 and Flash Wolves met in the semifinals of the group stage, sending G2 on the brink of elimination in the loser’s bracket, but G2 persevered and beat Kongdoo and Unicorns to qualify for the Playoffs.

In the playoffs, both Group B teams defeated their Group A opponents 2-1. ROX fell to G2 and H2k to Flash Wolves. In the end of the playoffs, Flash Wolves defeated G2 in a very decisive fashion, showing who were the bosses in Katowice.

Where are my favorite teams?

There were a couple of teams that were slated for IEM Katowice but declined to take part in the tournament. NA team Cloud 9 turned down their invite to focus better for the NA LCS. Along the same reasons, SK Telecom T1 and Samsung declined to go to Poland for the tournament, for them to be able to focus more into their game before heading into the preseason. Thus, fans of SKT T1 will not be able to experience a possible back-to-back back-to-backs, as SKT T1 will not be able to replicate their consecutive Worlds Championship in IEM. C9 was then replaced by G2, SKT by Kongdoo and Samsung by ROX Tigers.

Meanwhile, Chinese team EDward Gaming wasn’t able to participate in the tournament because of visa problems. EDward Gaming was then replaced by the Hong Kong eSports.

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