Two former Fnatic players, veteran Mushi and versatile kYxY will be standing-in for the Malaysian team Mineski-X for the upcoming Kiev Major.


In an announcement on their official Facebook page, Mineski-X revealed the lineup that they will be playing with for the upcoming Kiev Major. With Joel Chan “Xtinct” Zhan Leong being the sole player remaining in the team from their former roster that consisted of Kecik Imba, zai’, WinteR and InisidiousC, the other four players are new-comers to the team.

Former Warriors Gaming.Unity and White Fries Gaming offlaner Chua “KaNG” Soon Khong will be joining Mineski-X. A new face, Alacrity, will also be joining the new line-up. Along with Xtinct, the three will be the new core lineup of Mineski-X.

Joining Mineski-X just for the Kiev Major, Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung and Lee “kYxY” Kong Yang will be joining the team as stand-ins. There had been a lot of speculation on where Mushi would be going to after leaving Fnatic. Would Mineski-X finally give the Dota2 veteran what he is looking for? Meanwhile kYxY, also a former Fnatic player himself, who has most recently played with White Fries Gaming, is one of the most versatile players out there, being able to play any role and is notable for his deep hero pool.

The question remains on whether or not this team would be able to hold up. The team will most likely join the tournament via the SEA Qualifiers, and the competition is tough. We could only hope for the best for them.

Mineski Rebranding


Photo credits: Mineski-Dota Facebook Page

After sticking for so long with their old logo, Mineski-Dota had just unveiled their new logo today. What’s in store for the team this year? What else will come aside from the change of logos for the team?

Kiev Major Slots Revealed


Photo credits: Wykrhm Reddy’s Facebook Page

Sixteen teams will be competing for the Kiev Major, with eight teams getting direct invites. Two slots will be allotted for the SEA and CN Qualifiers, and one slot each for the EU, CIS, NA and SA regions. Who do you think will get invited? Who do you think will qualify? Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments.


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