They defeated FaZe Clan with a 3:1 map score.


Astralis’ road to the finals was marked by a commanding 2:0 over Natus Vincere (16:11 on Mirage, 16:2 on Nuke) in the quarterfinals, and another 2:0 over Heroic (16:12 on Train, 16:12 on Nuke) in the semis. While FaZe Clan came in with a 2:1 over North (16:14 on Cache, 15:19 on Overpass and 16:6 on Cobblestone) in the quarterfinals, and a 2:0 over Immortals (16:9 on Inferno, 16:10 on Mirage).


It was set to be an exciting grand finals at the Spodek Arena in Katowice – with a rejuvenated FaZe thanks to the addition of superstar Nikola “NiKo” Kovac now under Finn “karrigan” Andersen as an in-game leader, and Astralis who are the reigning ELEAGUE Major champions who are setting their sights on running a dominating streak at the top-tier of the CS:GO competitive scene.


The first map was Cache, FaZe Clan’s map pick, and it started off with Astralis taking the pistol round. But FaZe didn’t back down and followed up with a triple kill from Havard “rain” Nygaard during the force buy round to dismantle Astralis’ economy – forcing them to double-eco. The first half saw a dominant FaZe close it at 10:5. This wasn’t enough to completely deter Astralis however, as they won the first 3 rounds in the second half, but lost the 4th thanks to karrigan pulling off a 3vs1 clutch. The accumulated round advantage FaZe set up for themselves proved too much, and they take the first map 16:9.


Overpass, Astralis’ map pick, opened with a triple kill from Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen on the terrorist side, followed by two successful anti-eco rounds. By the fourth round, FaZe answered back to take three in a row. By the 9th round, FaZe won themselves an advantageous eco round that allowed them to increase their lead to 8:5 and eventually take the first half 9:6. Astralis won the second pistol round, and though FaZe’s third round buy kept them ahead, an amazing ace from Peter “dupreeh” Rothman with a Desert Eagle in the following round started a long streak of wins for Astralis – closing out the map 16:12.


The third map once again proved Astralis’ prowess on Nuke, where they immediately took a dominant 7:1 lead on the counter-terrorist side, not allowing FaZe through their near-impeccable defense. They close out the first half 10:5. FaZe kept themselves in the game once the sides switched by winning the first four rounds, and the game stayed in a competitive back-and-forth afterwards,  but ultimately FaZe couldn’t catch up to Astralis’ lead – the third map closes for Astralis 16:12.


On the fourth map of Inferno, FaZe were competing for tournament life. They began by taking the first pistol round, but Astralis quickly responded by taking the following five rounds on their terrorist side. A short swap of wins ensues before FaZe come back into the game by winning the last seven rounds of the half and closing it 9:6. The second half went to Astralis with three three-round win streaks on their counter-terrorist side – taking back the game and winning the championship by closing the map 16:13.


Astralis was the heavily-favored team to win the tournament thanks to their win at the ELEAGUE Major, and they look to be consistent contenders. Meanwhile, the new FaZe Clan lineup are an impressive mix that could certainly seek titles of their own – this is their first tournament with the new roster, and achieving a grand-final finish with that is no small feat.

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