OG, IG, Team Empire and Newbee emerge victorious in their respective groups, gaining an upper hand going into the Playoff stage of the tournament.

DAC2017 Group Stage Standings

Group Stage Final Standings. Highlighted teams in green get seeded in the upper bracket. Photo Credit: Wykrhm Reddy

DAC 2017 Playoffs Picture

Playoff Picture for the Dota2 Asia Championship 2017. Photo Credit: Wykrhm Reddy


Team VG.J gave OG their first game loss in the tournament for a draw in their matchup, but even so OG remained the top performing team in Group A, followed by Team Empire. Meanwhile in Group B, teams IG and Newbee went on top in Group B. Empire, Newbee, IG and VG.J would then be starting the playoffs on the upper bracket, giving them considerable room for error in winning the first prize, and the $235,000 (Php 11, 750, 000) Grand Prize, which does not yet include some of the proceeds from the DAC 2017 Compendium and Treasure Chest.


On the lower bracket, LG.Forever Young will be facing off against IG.Vitality, Team NP against Team VG.J, Wings Gaming versus Evil Geniuses, and Team Liquid against Team Faceless. The lower bracket matches would all be Best of 1, so losing only once means you’re out of the tournament. Historically speaking, Evil Geniuses have had tremendous success in the lower bracket, even winning some tournaments as Grand Champions coming from the lower bracket. But it’s also hard to discount the other teams, such as Team Liquid and Wings Gaming and as well as Team NP, who are considered to be top contenders for this tournament.

Meanwhile, the teams from the upper bracket have a new lease in life even after losing their matches, as they would only be sent down to the lower bracket after their loss. The Upper Bracket matches will all be Best of 3, with the Grand Finals being Best of 5.
The playoffs will run from April 1 all through April 4. In the meantime, the 1v1 Solo Tournament is ongoing, which is participated in by the likes of Miracle-, Arteezy, Suma1L, Paparazi, Sccc, Blink, Eternal Envy and Burning. There will also be an All-Star Match with Team China going against Team World. Team China is composed of Burning, Sccc, rotk, fy and Faith_Bian while Team World is composed of Miracle-, Suma1L, iceiceice, Eternal Envy and Jerax. The All-Star Match will be in Reverse Captain’s Mode, meaning the opposing team’s captain will be choosing the heroes that the other team will be using, as opposed to the usual set-up.

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