Three teams remain. Will it be Invictus Gaming, or will it be Newbee that will face OG in the Grand Finals? Who will reign supreme in this prestigious tournament?

After losing to OG in the upper bracket finals, Invictus Gaming now has to face Newbee in the lower bracket finals. Newbee had just defeated iG Vitality beforehand with a 2-0 in their previous series.

Both Newbee and iG found themselves in the lower bracket thanks to OG, who had defeated the two teams in their respective matchups in the upper bracket, first with Newbee, then with iG. Now, whoever wins between the two Chinese teams will get another chance at retribution by scoring a rematch with OG in the Grand Finals.

OG has so far dominated the upper bracket, losing not a single game against their opponents. This is coming from a great outing in the group stage, where they single handedly beat all of their opponents in their respective matchups.

Will OG be able to get the biggest cut of the $600,000 (Php30,000,000) prize pool, defeating the Chinese teams in their homecourt? Or will it be a big comeback for the Chinese teams, putting OG in their place and showing who really are the true masters of Dota?

Lower Bracket matchups

Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses failed to recreate their lower bracket Cinderella story, as they fell victim to Newbee in the lower bracket. EG had defeated the final SEA team in the tournament, Team Faceless, in their previous series. EG would have been the second to the last Western team to remain in the tournament, after Team Empire succumbed to a similar fate on their matchup against iG.V.

Special matches

For the fun and games, Paparazi of iG.V won the 1v1 Solo Tournament after beating Miracle- on their mirror Puck match. Paparazi showed great patience as he took over the game from behind, not giving up even if Miracle- meted out first blood on him.

Meanwhile, on the reverse captain’s draft mode all-star game between Team World (Miracle-, iceiceice, Suma1L, EternalEnvy, JerAx) and Team China (Burning, Sccc, rotk, fy, Faith_bian), Team China gave their fans a great show by dominating the game early on. But Team World was able to hold the Chinese all-star team at bay and defeat them at the exhibition match.

Grand Finals

The Grand Finals between whoever wins between Newbee and iG will be later at 2PM. The Lower Bracket Finals match between Newbee and iG will be held later at 10AM.

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