This season of DreamLeague features the addition of an NA Division.


As the Kiev Major draws ever closer, the list of LAN tournaments between Kiev and The International continue to grow ever longer – one of these, who’s LAN Playoffs will take place between July 21-22 this year (comfortably sitting before The Summit 7) at Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.

This season’s DreamLeague will once again feature a League-format group stage, where teams will face each other in round-robin best-of-twos and top scorers will move on to the LAN playoffs, which will be played in a double-elimination best-of-three bracket with a best-of-five Grand Final. This season will introduce the addition of an NA division – meaning only the top three EU teams will move on to the playoffs, and the fourth slot will go to the top NA team.

The eight teams from Europe are the following:

The Alliance, who recently took second place at the EU Kiev Major qualifiers but fell to Team Secret. Team Liquid, who had a troubling performance and early exit at DAC a few weeks ago, but are certainly looking to bounced back to take top 8 at the Major, and perhaps also defend their title here at DreamLeague. Virtus.Pro, who achieved 2nd place at The Kiev Major and took the Grand Final to all five games. Team Secret, who had an undefeated run at the Kiev Major group stage but fell to underdogs SG-Esports. Natus Vincere, who took second at the CIS Kiev Major qualifiers but fell to Virtus.Pro – now playing with SoNNeikO over rmn-. mousesports, the former players of Ad Finem, who fell in the round-of-sixteen at the Kiev Major to Invictus Gaming. Vega Squadron with their new post-shuffle roster of ALOHADANCE, AfterLife and Silent joining G and CemaTheSlayer, and Team Empire who recently claimed an impressive 5th/6th place finish at DAC.

As you can see, four of the eight EU teams are from the CIS (Virtus.Pro, Na’Vi are direct invites, while Vega and Empire took both qualifier slots), which may be a sign of resurgence for the region in time for TI7.

Meanwhile the four teams for the NA Division are the following:

compLexity Gaming, coming in from a 2nd place finish at the Kiev Major NA qualifiers. Team NP, who finished 9th/12th at DAC. Thunderbirds, who fell to EG in The Kiev Major Round-of-16, and the former Onyx roster, now playing under Digital Chaos who placed 8-16th at The Kiev Major after their defeat to ViciGaming.J

Match schedules are available on the official DreamLeague Website:


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