The first in a long string of tournaments heading into TI7 starts next week.

Five Premier LANs stand between now when and The International 7 qualifiers are to begin – the first of which is the second season of SLTV i-League Invitational. To be held in Shanghai, China and presented by StarLadder and ImbaTV, eight teams are going to battle it out for a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool. Games will run from May 18-27.

The first two teams announced are hometown teams who were also Kiev Major attendees – ViciGaming.J and Newbee. They are to be joined by Kiev Major semi-finalist, Invictus Gaming from the Chinese qualifier, and Vega Squadron, coming in from the European qualifier.

The final four invites have also been recently announced, and all four are also attendees of the Kiev Major. Our very own TNC Pro Team will be joined by Team Liquid, mousesports, and Team Faceless.

The prize pool is distributed as follows:

1st place:          $45,000

2nd place:         $20,000

3rd place:         $10,000

5th-6th place:    $5,000

7th-8th place:    $2,500

With The International looming ever closer and Kiev’s grand finalists OG and Virtus.Pro presumably guaranteed an invite thanks to their phenomenal performance, the rest of the teams should now be looking to score themselves a LAN win to prove their also deserving of an invite from Valve – strap yourselves in, Dota 2 fans, the busiest time of the year is about to begin.

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