Team Philippines topples Belarus in their do-or-die matchup last Tuesday, June 13 to advance to the next stage of the Hearthstone Global Games.

TNC.Caracute, Staz, WaningMoon and Chalk will be having more Hearthstone matches after they won their last match in the first Group Stage of the HGG. Beating Belarus 3-1, the top Filipino Hearthstone players have then qualified for the Round of 24 Round Robin Group Stage later this year. Philippines finished third in their group behind Czech Republic and Ukraine, toppling below them Croatia, Germany and Belarus.

“We expected we were going to win because the preparation and strategy was really strong,” says Chalk, “that’s why we were kinda down losing in the first game. Really happy to get the W.”

“I felt confident, not necessarily that we were going to win, but that we gave ourselves the best chance of winning going into it, which is the best you can hope for in Hearthstone,” says WaningMoon.

The next group stage will have six teams of four teams each per every group, with the top two teams advancing to the Playoffs. With their win in the first group stage means that our team already have $4,000 (~Php200,000) in the bag, which could elevate even more up to $60,000 (~Php3,000,000) if they manage to win the whole tournament.

The team however looks undaunted going into the next group stage. “I’m excited more than I am anxious,” says Chalk. “Next stage are all clean states, time to do better!”

Schedules for the Second Group Stage and the Playoffs are not yet revealed by Blizzard, although we expect the second group stage to start next week after all of the matches in the first group stage are done. The whole tournament will run through up to November.

In celebration, the team says they always eat after every match, but this time they had something special – ribs! Chalk seemed really excited about the ribs. According to Caracute, the team always eats together, win or lose.

Asked about what they’re planning to do in preparation for the next group stage, Staz says, “Probably still the same. We determine the best decks for the current meta and format and practice with each other using these decks.”

The Hearthstone Global Games is the biggest Hearthstone Tournament in the world. Following the Olympic Format, three players are chosen by each country’s fans to be their representatives to the tournament, while the player in the country that has the highest points earned from previous tournaments gets an automatic slot in the Four-Man Team of each country.

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