They’re the first team to make it out the super-competitive SEA qualifier.



There’s plenty to be happy about if you’re a Philippine Dota 2 fan tuning in to this year’s The International qualifiers – our very own TNC Pro Team has claimed the top spot for SEA and have claimed a ticket to Dota 2’s most prestigious tournament, happening in Seattle this August.


TNC Pro Team took the groups with a solid 8:1 score – only dropping a single game to Clutch Gamers, and finally ending their long-running lose-streak versus Team Faceless. Their opening game versus Mineski’s current SEA-CIS mixed roster was a 53-minute slugfest, with Theeban “1437” Siva’s support Silencer transitioning into a semi-core by the end and netting the game’s best KDA of 11/3/19. In the match against Geek Fam, TNC took an early lead and never really let it go, with Carlos “Kuku” Palad showing an excellent performance with his signature Queen of Pain, ending the game with a 13/3/18 KDA. It was a similar story for the match against Moogle where Kuku’s QoP reigned supreme once more, followed by a strong performance by Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto on the Anti-Mage. In their match against Faceless, Kuku and Raven once again boasted strong performances, backed up by Samson “Sam_H” Hidalgo’s Batrider setting a game-record 24 assists, and ending a lose-streak that culminated in the team’s elimination from the Kiev Major. In the game versus Happy Feet we saw Theeban break out on the Jakiro once more, and Timothy “Tims” Randrup create chaos on the Nyx Assassin. In the game versus Clutch Gamers, TNC’s Sven-Io strat was taken down by a dominant performance by Armel “Armel” Tabios on the Lina, and would be TNC’s only loss all qualifier. Versus Execration we saw Kuku shine on the mid-lane Juggernaut thanks to support from Sam_H’s batrider and Tims’ Nyx Assassin allowing for pick-offs all over the map. And in the final match versus Fnatic we saw Kuku on a Drow-augmented Puck take over the game and help secure the team’s TI dreams.


Meanwhile, another bonus for PH Dota 2 fans is that all the 4 teams left in the qualifiers (battling it out for the last 2 spots) have at least one Filipino in their roster – with Clutch Gamers and Execration having a full-lineup of Filipinos.


This is one success we’re sure the team is thankful for, but there’s still much work to be done on the road to The International. Let’s keep cheering them on!

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