They might have shattered our hopes in qualifying for a lot of tournaments in the past year, but seeing Team Faceless disband after failing in their quest for the Aegis is still a bitter pill swallow.

Team Faceless has disbanded after their disappointing run in the SEA Qualifiers of The International 7. Black- moving to the middle lane did not help Team Faceless survive the turmoil of the SEA Region, and now they have decided to call it quits and go their separate ways from now on. It’s not yet known what the individual players have in mind moving forward, but surely their fans will continue showing their support to their favorite players.

The team was formed in September 3 last year with the returning iceiceice forming the team from Singapore. Faceless would quickly become one of the crowd favorites as they take down the competition one by one and qualify in a lot of tournaments some months after their inception. But their dominance in the SEA Region did not translate to results in the tournaments that they qualified in. Ironically, they did not have the same success as their rival TNC Pro Team had internationally, despite defeating TNC in most of the occasions that they faced each other.

With Team Faceless now gone, TNC might now be able to exert more dominance in the region. Mineski, Fnatic, Execration and Clutch Gamers, all fairly new lineups and team compositions, mostly untested as of yet in the international scene, would surely fight their right to replace Team Faceless on the top, and become the new foil to TNC.

Meanwhile, the five members of Faceless are all skilled by their own right, and they’re now ripe for the picking, especially for teams who also have not qualified in The International. With their rosters virtually open for any changes, they could start planning from now how they’ll be tackling the next season. It would be really interesting to see which teams would take in the now teamless former Team Faceless players.

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