Team Liquid, LGD and LFY secure an upper bracket start in the playoffs.

Group A

Team Liquid takes the lead in group A with 11 points, ensuring them a slot in the upper bracket (but not yet the top seed) thanks to a 1:1 series versus TNC Pro Team. The first game interestingly involved a KuroKy Oracle and Miracle- Huskar, which they won, but TNC managed to rally back and claim the second game thanks to another great performance by Carlo “Kuku” Palad on Queen of Pain. The second series was a quick 2:0 over team Empire, which saw an 18/3/16 KDA on Miracle-‘s Ember Spirit in the first game, with Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen leading the kill-count in the second game as Necrophos with 13 kills.

Currently at second place is LGD Gaming, securing an upper bracket seed of their own, which took a fast-paced 2:0 victory over Infamous – with both games finishing under 30 minutes. In their second series they tied with Evil Geniuses, losing out to an 11/0/13 KDA Arteezy Visage in the first game, but bouncing back with a dominant performance from Wang “Ame” Chunyu in game 2.

Coming in with 9 points is Evil Geniuses, taking a tie in their first series versus team Secret, taking the first game despite an admirable effort from Secret’s Yeik Nai “MidOne” Zheng. EG lost out in the second game, however, with Pyo “MP” No-a leading the game 2 KDA charts with 13/6/9. EG also took a clean 2:0 victory over Infamous, ending the first game in 20 minutes, while the second featured Artour “Arteezy” Babaev with an impressive Phantom Lancer play of his own. Their last game of the day was the aforementioned tie with LGD Gaming.

Tied at 9 points is TNC Pro Team, maintaining their chances at beginning the playoffs from the upper bracket. They began their day with a tied series versus Invictus Gaming.Vitality, with the first game going TNC’s way thanks to Kuku’s good performance on Lina and Timothy “Tims” Randrup creating set-ups all over the map with Nyx Assassin. The second game didn’t go in our favor however, as Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun’s Weaver snowballed out of control and ended the game with a 17/0/13 KDA.

Not much has changed in terms of rankings over in Group A, as iG.V and Team Secret are tied at 7 points, while Team Empire sits at 6, Infamous at 3, and Fnatic remains at the bottom of the table with 2 points.


Group B

LGD.Forever Young have already secured the top seed from Group B, incurring their only loss so far at the hands of Digital Chaos – their series tied at 1:1 with the first game being a quick 26-minute fast push enabled by Beastmaster and Visage, while they fell in the second game to DC’s Drow-Mirana-Puck-Silencer-Sand King lineup. Their other series was a 2:0 win over fellow Chinese team, Newbee, with Du “Monet” Peng impressing on the Weaver with a 14/1/8 KDA and then pulling off another impressive performance on Clinkz in the second game.

Sitting with 8 points is Newbee, who despite losing out 0:2 to LFY as mentioned above, also evened out their Day 3 record with a 2:0 over HellRaisers, Xu “Moogy” Han led the way with an 11/0/6 Weaver in Game 1, and followed-up in the next game with a 10/1/7 Lifestealer as well.

Virtus.Pro is tied at 8 points, who only played one series in Day 3, taking a 2:0 over Hellraisers – pulling out a Shadow Demon + Luna strat in the first game, while interestingly taking the second game despite being behind in kills.

Coming in with 7 points but edging OG out of the upper bracket for the first time this week is Invictus Gaming, thanks to a clean 2:0 over Cloud9 – picking Puck in both games, while they tied with OG in their second series.

Even with 7 points of their own, OG falls to the middle of the pack, but may still make a comeback to the upper bracket if their results in the fourth (and last) day of groups are favorable. Sitting below them with 6 points is Digital Chaos, followed by Execration with 4, Cloud9 with 2, and HellRaisers at the bottom of the table with 1 point.


Photo Credits: Wykrhm Reddy
Photo Credits: Wykrhm Reddy

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