Only eight teams remain in the race for the Aegis of Champions.

The fourth day of The International 2017’s main event kicked off with a rematch of the biggest upset in TI history – with OG versus our very own TNC Pro Team. Unfortunately, we were not able to repeat last year’s victory, unable to carry an early-game advantage into the end and falling to a remarkable Anathan “ana” Pham Invoker in the first game, and a strong performance from Gustav “s4” Magnusson on the Legion Commander in game 2.

The second series of the lower bracket also saw LGD Gaming take out Digital Chaos in a clean 2:0, with the first game a dominant 22-minute game that saw Wang “Ame” Chunyu on the Chaos Knight and Lu “Maybe” Yao (currently playing under the tag Somnus M) on the Mirana both performed admirably.

Then came the games from the upper bracket, starting off with the local rivals of Invictus Gaming versus Newbee – which stretched all the way to three games. The first game saw offlaner Damien “kpii” Chok top the leaderboards as Puck with an impressive 7/0/17 KDA that helped carry his team to victory. Game 2 saw Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei on the Bloodseeker, Fu “Q” Bin on Lich, and Ou “Op” Peng on the Ember Spirit to counter Newbee’s Drow Ranger centric lineup. However, in game 3, it was Newbee’s turn to draft Bloodseeker, on Xu “Moogy” Han – this time to completely counter the early Lycan pick-up for BurNIng. Song “Sccc” Chun also shined on his signature Storm Spirit, pulling out the Aghanim’s Scepter build he’s popularized to counter Op’s Tinker to great effect, securing them a top 3 placement at TI and a slot to the Winner’s Bracket Finals.

The final series of the day saw the west’s last hope in the upper bracket, Virtus.Pro, fall to LFY – who have remained undefeated so far and are looking set to claim the Aegis. The first game saw Du “Monet” Peng shine on the Morphling and snowball out of control, eventually ending the game with a 9/0/6 KDA, netting them numerous pick-offs and not allowing Virtus.Pro’s teamfight-centric strategy to be effective. The second game was much closer, a thrilling back-and-forth between both teams. He “Inflame” Yongzheng on the Faceless Void get numerous multiple-hero chronospheres that combo-ed with Ancient Apparition’s ultimate to score kill after kill – this game also features an amazing Roshan steal play from Tue Soon “Ahfu” Chuan’s Earth Spirit.

Photo Credits: Wykrhm Reddy
Photo Credits: Wykrhm Reddy

Today’s games will all be from the lower bracket – Team Liquid versus Team Empire, a match-up that heavily favors Liquid on paper, but Empire has already surprised us by eliminating a favorite in Evil Geniuses,  who’s to say they can’t pull it off again?

OG will also be facing LGD – certainly a challenge as the Chinese team has looked particularly strong here at TI while OG seems to still be struggling compared to their peak form at the past Majors.

Virtus.Pro is also set to face off with the winner of Liquid vs. Empire – we might see VP go up against Empire in a CIS derby if the underdogs can pull off another unexpected win.

Tomorrow will also feature the All-Star showmatch for $100,000. It’ll see the following players face off: Ramzes666, SumaiL, s4, Boboka and KuroKy against n0tail, Miracle-, UNiVeRsE, Kaka and Solo.


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