Mineski has just acquired one of the coolest free agents of the off-season, the veteran Singaporean iceiceice.

Mineski may have had an underwhelming last season, but their recent acquisitions might just give them the edge they need to overcome the SEA region. Along with Dota veteran Daryl “iceiceice” Koh and his Team Faceless teammate Anicha “Jabz” Jirawong, Mineski’s line-up of Dota veterans mixed with upcoming youngbloods could help Mineski grab tournament wins next season. The team has also acquired Kam “NaNa” Boon Seng from WarriorsGaming.Unity for their middle lane.

To complete Mineski’s lineup are Mushi and ninjaboogie, the only two players from the team’s previous iteration to remain with the team after the shuffle. The three players who have left the team, namely, ryOyr, Mag~ and .Ark are currently teamless.

Meanwhile, the former teammates of Jabz and iceiceice also remain teamless: Black^ is seen as a very valuable free agent, although there has been nothing on the rumor mill as of yet on where the German veteran will be going. xy- and Nutz, similarly, are still teamless with no news on where they might be ending up.

The previous lineup of Mineski had defeated Execration in the World Cyber Arena 2017 APAC Qualifiers for the top prize of ~$29,532 (~Php 1,518,447). The two teams will be going to the WCA 2017 tournament sometime this year, with Mineski sporting their new lineup in the upcoming event.

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