Natus Vincere wins in the CIS Qualifiers of the PGL Open Bucharest Minor, clinching their spot in a Minor Tournament for the second time this season.

There are plenty of strong teams in the CIS Region, notably Team Empire, Vega Squadron and But Natus Vincere continues to win qualifiers to follow their long and storied career. Many would be quick to dismiss Na ‘Vi to have long lost their flair, but this win proves that the team still has some fight left in them.

Na `Vi’s win against Team Empire came after a 93-minute Game 3 in the Grand Finals of the qualifiers. They have lost the first game on their matchup, but quickly bounced back up to defeat Empire 42-17 on the second game. Their matchup in the third game was a nail-biter, but Na `Vi prevailed in the end.

It is also note worthing how Na `Vi spammed Clockwerk either for GeneRaL or RodjER in this tournament, picking the hero 7 out of 9 times in their matchups.

This win will put Na `Vi in the first two Minor Tournaments of the season. A few days back, Na `Vi scored a comeback victory of Team Spirit in the StarLadder i-League Invitational CIS Qualifiers.

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