The stack ppd and zai set out on post TI7 has achieved its first milestone, winning King’s Cup: America.

In the post-TI7 shuffle, ppd and zai left the organization of Evil Geniuses to form their own team. In this new squad, ppd and zai were joined by CC&C, Pajkatt and MiSeRy. So far, they’re turning out just fine.

In the recently concluded King’s Cup: America tournament, The Dire’s squad, particularly zai and Pajkatt, have been showing flash of brilliances. More notably was zai, who have moved from the support role back to the offlane. The last time zai played officially as an offlaner was during his stay at Team Secret, a few years back. That was also the year when Evil Geniuses won the International, after which zai returned to EG after Fear’s first retirement. With Fear coming out of retirement, zai once again leaves EG and becomes offlaner. It would be funny when coincidentally, EG once again wins the International while zai is away.

With their victory at the KCA, The Dire becomes the first team to be heading out to Beyond The Summit’s first Minor of the season, Dota Summit 8. Regional Qualifiers for the upcoming Minor will start this November.

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