TNC Pro Team‘s FPS squad will be taking on the top 15 teams of the Philippine CrossFire League for a chance to win the lion’s share of the $20,000 (~Php1,00,000) prize pool, and the chance to compete in the CrossFire Stars 2017 Grand Finals in Xi’an, China.

A total of sixteen teams are competing this weekend in the High Grounds Cafe for the CrossFire Stars 2017 Philippine National Finals. The sixteen teams are composed of the sixteen top scoring teams of this year’s two CrossFire Elite League Tournament seasons. Throughout the year, teams all over the country have been competing for a spot in this prestigious tournament. The teams participating in this weekend’s tournament therefore are the best among the best of Filipino FPS players. Eight teams qualified through the Elite League level, which was fought over by professional esports teams, while the other eight teams qualified through regional elimination qualifiers.


CFS 2017 NF_Team Profile_TNC

Among these sixteen teams is TNC Pro Team‘s FPS squad, composed of Markcris “XM4C” Mirote, Mark Kevin “Kram” Chan, John Lester “Medalla” Medalla, Remegio “RXGXM” Manuel III, and Zarren Donn “Zarren” Perez. The team finished just behind Pacific Macta in terms of points accumulated in the Elite League, but it’s enough to give the team a shot for the Grand Finals. Pacific Macta will also be qualified to the CrossFire Pro League in China because they accumulated the most points in the Elite League. This will be the first time that a non-native team will be joining a foreign CrossFire League.

The other fourteen teams are Pacific Wara, Execration Reborn, G1 Philippines, Steelwolves Hellion, Idolize, Amor Loko, Acclaim PJW, IFIVEWTK, Gamerspots, G1 ACGaming, Kapegang, WarGods Terrovania, MattJess and Gwapings.


CrossFire Stars 2017 National Finals will begin with the group stages. The sixteen teams are grouped in four groups of four, and will go through a double elimination playoffs bracket, with the top two teams of each group proceeding to the playoffs. The playoffs will likewise be played in a double elimination playoff bracket, with Bo3 Semifinals and Bo5 Grand Finals. All matches will be played in Destruction Mode, wherein one team is tasked to destroy a site using a C4 time bomb while the opposing team have to prevent them from doing so.

The tournament will run for two days from October 14-15. The entirety of the group stages will be played on the first day, with a portion of the Playoffs also being played before the day ends. The Grand Finals will then cap off the tournament on Sunday. The winners of the tournament will qualify for the Global Grand Finals of CrossFire Stars 2017, and will take home $10,000 (~Php 500,000). Matches on both days will start at 10am, and fans of the game and of the teams are invited to come and watch the game live at the High Grounds Cafe, in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Globally, CrossFire is played in over 80 countries, with a peak concurrent user record of 8 million concurrent players, larger than any other online FPS game in the planet. The Philippines has one of the biggest playerbases of CrossFire in the world, and the potential of becoming the country’s representative in the Grand Finals put a lot of pressure in the players competing this weekend. The CrossFire Stars 2017 Grand Finals, which will be held in Xi’an, China this November, will bring together the best players amongst all of the game’s 650 million registered users. A total prize pool of $400,000 (~Php 20,000,000) will be at stake in the culmination of this year’s global CrossFire tournaments.

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