The team who won the CrossFire Stars National Finals will be representing the country in the Grand Finals of the CrossFire Stars global in Xi’an, China.

The Ultimate competition of CrossFire in the Philippines capped off with the crowning of the Supreme Champions for the CrossFire Stars 2017 National Finals. The two-day competition started with sixteen teams from all over the country, joined by their numerous fans and supporters.

The High Grounds Cafe was brimming with an energetic and ecstatic crowd all throughout the weekend. Fans of CrossFire enjoyed a program prepared by GameClub that rewarded their loyalty to the game with prizes, raffles, and entertainment from different local talents. The culmination of the Ms. CrossFire competition also happened on the second day.


Maria Simone, ambassadress of GameClub Online Magazine, also performed with her ukulele, met by the fans singing along with her in the tune of Mr. Stupido. DJ Allen played energizing music while the festivities happened, with cosplayer models Alyssa Mae Lao and Kang Dupet also in attendance.

Competition on the main stage of the celebration was intense and tight. Pacific.Macta even said that the first day of the tournament was so tough for them, specifically mentioning Armor Gaming Loko as one of the toughest opponents they faced in the tournament.


Of the sixteen teams in attendance, only TNC Pro Team, Wargods Terrovania, Execration Reborn GT, Pacific.Wara, G1esSportsACG, MATTJESS, Armor Loko and Pacific.Macta remained in the playoffs after the group stages. The day ended with the top four emerging: Execration Reborn, MATTJESS, Pacific.Macta, and Armor Loko.

The eventual 2nd placers Armor Loko showed great prowess defeating Pacific.Wara, one of the favorites to win the event, before they were sent to the lower bracket by Pacfic.Macta. MATTJESS also won a similar upset, taking out TNC Pro Team out of the competition to secure their place in the top 4.

Armor Loko would then beat MATTJESS in the lower bracket semi-finals to secure their place in the top 3. In the lower bracket finals, Armor Loko beat Execration Reborn GT, making them the first ever regional team to ever reach the Grand Finals of the CFS National Finals. They also avenged themselves when Execration Reborn GT beat them in the group stages.

But the team of Armor Loko’s experience in national competition has been proven lacking by the superstars from Pacific.Macta, who have been competing in the scene for years. The veterans of CrossFire have proven that years of experience supplement their skills well enough to get them to China in November. They beat Armor Loko in the Grand Finals in a clean sweep, beating the newcomers the second time in the playoffs.

Pacific.Macta, along with the $10,000 prize, also wins the opportunity to become the Grand Champions in the world of CrossFire Stars. They will be competing this November in Xi’an, China, against the best that the world has to offer, for the CrossFire Stars 2017 Grand Finals.

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