Learn more about the second Minor of the season starting tonight.

Just like the first Minor of the season, PGL Open Bucharest will start out with a group stage of two groups. The two teams directly invited will headline different groups, and are joined by three other teams coming from the regional qualifiers. Sadly, for one of these teams, they will not be competing with their regular lineup.

LGD Gaming is one of the two teams directly invited into the PGL Open, but their support player Victoria will be sitting the LAN event out due to complications on his pancreas. Their coach, 357, who last played in the 2013 WPC ACE Dota 2 League, will be standing in for Victoria for the moment. 357, who had been one of the oldest players in TI2 at the age of 27, was famous for his stints in EHOME and Team DK.

In LGD’s group, they will be facing the NA regional qualifiers, the reformed Korean superteam Immortals, the European powerhouse Team Secret, and the underdogs from South America, Infamous. Digital Chaos.SA was the team that originally won the South American qualifiers, but due to unknown reasons, the team has since disbanded. This opened an opportunity for Infamous and SG-eSports to compete in the tournament through a replacement series, with which Infamous emerged victorious.

In the other group, Evil Geniuses will be debuting their reformed roster, with Fear at the helm once again. The last time that Fear was with the Evil Geniuses as a player was on the eve of TI6. Interestingly, both EG and LGD, the two teams directly invited to the tournament, have their respective coaches (or in EG’s case, their returning coach-player) playing for their teams in this tournament.

Going against EG are the CIS favorites Natus Vincere, the SEA gatekeepers Mineski, and the Chinese stars of VG.J. This will be Na `Vi’s and Mineski’s second outing this season, with Mineski even winning 90 points in the previous Minor. Mineski is the only team in this tournament who have already earned points in this season.

Mineski can potentially end the week with as much as 240 points, if they win the top prize. Aside from the 150 qualifying points going to the players of the top team in this tournament, they will also be earning $130,000 (~Php 6,500,000).

Given how the groups turned out, Mineski, EG, Team Secret and LGD are poised to progress to the playoffs. However, just like how Newbee mysteriously lost dearly in the SLI Minor, this tournament could also be won by any unexpected underdog. Doing so would help that team gain enough momentum to rake up more points for the upcoming tournaments.

The PGL Open Bucharest will continue on through this Sunday. The first Major of the season, ESL One Hamburg, will be succeeding PGL Open Bucharest to cap off this eventful month.

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