A month filled to the brim of esports events have had a particularly stacked weekend the past few days. Here’s a quick round-up of the tournaments you may have missed over the weekend.

TNC Esports Cup


YoungMinds claim the third TNC Esports Cup, their second consecutive win in TNC’s amateur tournament series. They defeated MC3D in two games out of a three game matchup, ultimately proving the YoungMinds is the top amateur team in the country. YoungMinds brought home a total of Php30,000 (~$600).


Nvidia GeForce Experience Xtreme Tournament


TNC Pro Team’s CS:GO squad’s baptism by fire came in the form of the second season of the Nvidia GEXT. They were one win short from winning the whole tournament, an incredible feat for a debut performance. They lost against Imperium Pro Team, a mainstay of the local CS:GO scene. Despite their loss, their breakout performance will cement TNC’s presence in the local FPS climate, which should get them going for future tournaments to come.


Worlds 2017 Tournament


The Final Four of the most prestigious tournament of League of Legends have emerged on top of a bloody scuffle involving 24 of the top teams around the globe. The last hope of the West, Cloud9, finally fell as they bowed down in the face of Team WE. The Semifinals of Worlds now has two matches of China vs. Korea, with Team WE going against Samsung Galaxy in one leg, while the other leg has the defending champions SK Telecom 1 go up against Royal Never Give Up.


PGL Open Bucharest


Photo Credits: GosuGamers

Mineski is undeniably monstrous. They prove their mettle once again by winning the second Minor of the season, giving them a tremendous amount of momentum. Sadly, they are not part of the first Major of the season, so their winning streak will be cut short in Hamburg next week. However, their players lead the boards with a total of 240 Qualifying Points, the most amongst all players this season. They sweeped LGD Gaming in the Grand Finals of Bucharest, who will be going home with reduced points for playing with a sub. Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, still can’t find their tempo as they lost against LGD in the semi-finals with a sequence of bad decision making after another. They would usually win the early game and lose their lead after a couple of miscalculations. The Immortals meanwhile showed that the Koreans still had their flair with them, unfortunately losing against the SEA gatekeepers early in the playoffs despite playing really well in the group stages.

Mineski will be going forward with the next Minor in their sights, the Perfect World Masters in Shanghai, a little less than a month from now.


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