Faker and his crew is back.

For the third time in a row, SK Telecom 1 have reached the Worlds Finals. Their path to the Grand Finals have been rocky, but they’re back nonetheless. For the second time in a row, Samsung Galaxy will be facing SKT in the Grand Finals. Will a second chance allow Samsung to dethrone SKT? Or will this become SKT’s Triple Crown moment?

SKT may have been the gods of League for a few years now, but their run in the World Finals hasn’t been smooth as baby’s skin. Although they dropped a single game in the Group Stages, only losing against Edward Gaming, their group wasn’t exactly loaded. Come the playoffs, they lost twice against Misfits before they beat them. The same happened in their match against Royal Never Give Up. If teams like them could dent the nigh-invulnerable SKT, then what else could SKT’s rivals Samsung do?

Meanwhile, on the other end of the brackets, Samsung have had a relatively easy climb towards the top. On their way to the Grand Finals, Samsung had only lost a single game in the playoffs. They first swept Longzhu Gaming and then beat Team WE 3-1 in the semi-finals. Last year, Samsung Galaxy fell to SKT in the Grand Finals, but not until they’ve taken away two wins from the eventual champions. This year could be their year.

The biggest League tournament of the year will cap off in a few days, with the first match between SKT and Samsung commencing this Saturday, 3:00PM.

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