They become only the second team to win the Worlds Grand Finals more than once.

In Samsung Galaxy’s illustrious career as an organization, it has only achieved one previous Worlds Championship, back in 2014. It was with a different team, as Samsung Galaxy White. Long time fans of League of Legends would remember SGW’s upset over Samsung Galaxy Blue, their sister team, in the semi-finals of Worlds 2014. The legendary General dade passed the torch to PawN by giving him the jacket he has always worn publicly. SGW would later on successfully take home the World Cup, defeating Star Horn Royal Club 3-1 in the Grand Finals.

Samsung could have started a dynasty with their World Cup, but both teams disbanded shortly after the tournament’s conclusion.

What used to be two teams became one, and SSG was born with an empty roster. In the advent of the new team, CuVee joined the team and sticked with the organization ever since. Almost a full year later, Ambition and Core JJ signed with SSG, and by another year the team was complete with Crown and Ruler.

Back then, it was 2016. They have just lost their first Grand Finals against SK Telecom T1, who had also won the previous year’s tournament. They traded wins with the defending champions, but SKT ended on top. Despite the great finish for their debut appearance at Worlds, and a million dollar prize money, SSG was devastated with the loss. They vow revenge on SKT’s superstar Faker, because there is nothing short of a championship that would sate SSG’s thirst for victory.

The two teams had numerous bouts over the next year, and Samsung and SKT continued to trade wins over those bouts. A lot of people have been glued to their rivalry, and a lot of attention has been given on their matches. Their rivalry culminated last weekend, when they faced each other once again in the Grand Finals of Worlds. And SSG finally defeated SKT with a surprisingly clean sweep, putting an end to their rivalry.

But the crowning achievement of SSG wasn’t really them finally defeating SKT. It was just a step in the process and the icing on the cake.

What really matters is that Samsung Galaxy has finally won their first championship with this current lineup. CuVee, Ambition, Core JJ, Crown and Ruler have finally achieved their dreams of becoming World Champions in League of Legends. They just happened to beat SKT in the process.

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