Out of all the dominating Chinese teams in the Perfect World Masters Playoffs, it was Newbee that shone the brightest, taking home the trophy in their homecourt in China.

Newbee may have been swept 3-0 by Team Liquid in The International 7, but come Perfect World Masters and they are the ones sweeping in the Grand Finals. All Chinese teams left in the Playoffs for the tournament reached the Top 4 and secured points, with Vici Gaming falling to Newbee. In the lower bracket semifinals, VG smites LGD.Forever Young, taking them out at third place (the same rank they had in TI7). LFY secured their first Pro Circuit Points with this tournament. The fourth placer of the tournament are compLexity Gaming who secured their second helping of Pro Circuit Points of this season.

Newbee’s dominance isn’t surprising, as the TI7 runners-up have been consistently qualifying for the Minors at the very least, even scoring podium finishes in a few of them, with Perfect World Masters being the most recent. However, their dominance over VG, who they defeated in two series in this tournament, was a little bit unexpected. After all, it was VG that prevailed over Newbee in their previous LAN tournament together, at Dota PIT, and Newbee’s win over VG during the semifinals was a 2-1. The sweep came in as a bit of a shock.

Meanwhile, VG has been performing well in this season. Their loss at Starladder versus Mineski didn’t become a roadblock for them. Instead, they bounced back up and scored a 2nd placer at Dota PIT, going the extra mile and 2-0’ing Team Liquid, before the TI Champs reverse swept them into oblivion. One could say that they one upped Newbee here by defeating Team Liquid in two games in a single series, but then Team Liquid also swept them 3-0, like what they did with Newbee, right after those two wins.

LFY, on the other hand, may have reached third place in TI7, but have been on a rocky road since then. This would be their first Minor this season where they scored a podium finish. The reverse is true for the team they beat for third place, however. Whereas LFY was successful in TI7 and struggling ever since, coL has been a surprising contender for the season so far. They have a total of 45 Pro Circuit Points under their belt, more than what a lot of people would have thought they’d have at this point.

Meanwhile, Team Kinguin and Team Secret had joint 5th-6th place. Team Kinguin scored the most points in their group stage, going 1-1 even to eventual champions Newbee and 2-0’ing Secret. However, their run ended when Newbee sent them to the lower bracket with a 2-0 series, and was finished off by coL after a valiant 3-game series. Secret was also sent to the lower bracket by VG, but not before they sent coL to the lower bracket. LFY would eliminate Secret first in the lower bracket, before they eliminated coL as well.

Finishing joint 7th-8th were Mineski and Vega Squadron, who were eliminated in the lower bracket sudden death round versus coL and LFY, respectively.

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