They take the finals 3:1 over over FaZe Clan

Coming in from a strong showing in the semifinals with FaZe Clan taking their series 2:0 over Fnatic (16:7 on Mirage, 16:10 on Overpass) and SK Gaming taking their series 2:0 over Misfits (16:6 Cobblestone, 16:1 Overpass) they set the stage for their ongoing rivalry in the Finals.

On the first map of Inferno, FaZe took the opening pistol round thanks to a 3v1 clutch by Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs on the Terrorist side, eventually leading them to a 6:1 lead until Epitacio “TACO” de Melo’s 1v2 gave SK their second round and letting SK take the reins and even up the score in 5 rounds. The end of the first half still went in FaZe’s favor with an 8:7 lead, but slowly turned in favor of SK thanks to some force buy rounds that worked out for them. At the end though, FaZe was able to hold on to their lead and take the first map with a 16:13 round score.

The first pistol round on the second map of Overpass went to FaZe Clan thanks to some heroics by Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer, but SK were able to take the second round despite the force buy and earned them a 3:1 lead before FaZe went on a streak of their own to tie the game at 3:3. FaZe was in the lead before the side-change, but SK quickly recovered, with Ricardo “boltz” Prass holding their defense effectively, helping the Brazilians take the second map with a 16:11 round score.

Mirage was the third map of the Grand Finals, and the first pistol round this time went to SK thanks to a three kills from boltz, leading them to an eventual 4:0 lead before FaZe could answer with two rounds. This wasn’t enough for FaZe to accrue enough of an economy however, and a reset allowed SK to take the lead in the first half in no small part thanks to Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo’s superb AWP play. While FaZe did show some signs of life in the second half, SK maintained their lead and eventually Marcelo “coldzera” David took a 1v2 clutch to take the map.

On Train, the fourth map of the series, SK started of strong with a quick 8:0 lead before FaZe managed to take a round of their own and put up a valiant fight to finish the half with only one round below SK’s count, ending the first half 8:7 in favor of SK. FaZe took the lead in the early stages of the second half however, but was shut down by SK on their force buy round, allowing them to gain a 14:11 lead. Some heroics from Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs gave FaZe breathing room as the match went into overtime, but despite some back-and-forths between the two, SK eventually closed out the game 19:16.

This marks SK’s eighth high-tier LAN win and their third Grand Finals win over FaZe Clan this year – adding more fuel to an already intensifying rivalry between the Brazilian and European All-Star Teams, both vying for dominance in the highly-competitive CS:GO Season.



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