Four veterans, including two former TI champions, are rumored to be banding together to show an up and coming offlaner the ropes of Dota2.

The New Year celebration is a very important cultural event for the Chinese. Although the actual Chinese New Year isn’t still until February, the Chinese Dota scene has already started the fireworks. In what would be xiao8’s nth comeback from retirement, he announced on his Weibo account the formation of Big God 2.0.

The original version of Big God had xiao8 captaining a Chinese all-star team of veterans including BurNIng, rOtk, LaNm and iceice. However, more due to their lack of results rather than a lack of talent, Big God immediately disbanded three months later.

This new iteration of Big God will still have xiao8 as the group’s captain playing the position 4 support, but the rest of the team hasn’t been announced yet officially. Rumors has it that  BurNIng will return as the team’s carry. Also rumored to join the team are TI2 champion Ferrari_430 and his former teammate chisbug, both alumni of Invictus Gaming.

The reason for the four veterans coming out of retirement once again is to teach an up and coming offlaner, with the screen name 无敌 (“invincible”), the ins and outs of the professional Dota 2 scene. Details about the youngster is sparse, but the rumor mill says that he has only played Dota 2 for half a year and was already able to achieve at least 8k MMR before the new season came in. Rumors say that he’s still just seventeen, which might explain why the veterans saw it important to mentor him to further hone his skills.

With arguably one of the best carries to have ever graced the three lanes, and The Pianist taking care of the middle lane, not to mention the legendary xiao8 calling the shots, the rookie will surely have a lot of useful guidance and mentorship coming his way. It will only be a matter of time to see where it will take the offlaner in the Dota 2 professional scene.

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